Joe Burke, Esq writes for Dr. John Siebert, careful not to deny the documented charges that 'the-doc' is a perjurer, sex rapist and a forger-thief, robbing Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Isn't suppression of crimes a crime?

Siebert is a very sick & deranged person, a sociopath who has no remorse as to what he has done to the patients he raped, gave narcotics to & robbed, all for his demented sexual gratification. Joe Burke is a worse pig, as is his partner, Ken Gomez, covering for vulture Siebert. Siebert is so pathetic, he has no idea how deranged he is, but we hear his family now does.

Siebert belongs in jail & soon he may just find himself there. Then, the entire Siebert sex story can be aired on the 'Lifetime Channel..' See Scamraiders & $10,000 rewards

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