Joe Burke seems to have only one customer - predator Dr. John Siebert

Joe Burke spends his entire day harassing Jim Couri and covering up Siebert's crimes.

Burke, in concert with his thug/partner Ken Gomez and fixer George Pavia, Esq, are rabid with spite and larceny geared to rip off Jim Couri.

They robbed medicare, they forged records and they stole Jim's Med-Mal settlements. These guys are desperate to further extort and injure Jim. What makes these matters bizzare is why these crooks have nothing else to do but to corrupt the courts and bother Jim Couri.

George Pavia is a lecherous thief who is so sick mentally he can't restrain himself. The bum has threatened Jim, so he and sex-monger Siebert, with their hired thugs, spend their daylight hours figuring out ways to rob Jim Couri.

Siebert apparently spends the rest of his time molesting and robbing victim patients . . . a pathetic crew

Stay tuned to Scamraiders for more info, and exposes of Pavia, Siebert and 'friends.'

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