John Siebert, MD - a chronic liar and rapist - is forced to withdraw his lies and frauds on his web-page

Dr. John Siebert, who has been exposed as a thief, and sex rapist and narcotics abuser, was fired from NYU/Langone hospital for his sex acts and thefts from medical insurers by acts of fraud, collusion and forgery, in concert with Nelsa Garcia - an ally of Siebert's.

Undaunted, this sociopath continued to falsely list himself as a member of the 'faculty' of NYU/Langone Hospital - an outright lie. NYU/Langone has, after repeated demands of Siebert to remove his lies, forced sociopath rogue Dr. Siebert to expunge any false claims of Siebert affiliation with NYU/Langone Hospital, which is non-existent-.

Siebert is again proven to be a con-man and a fraud, trying to misuse a hospital-affiliation where he was fired - another Siebert scheme to con innocent victim prospective patients. Siebert is also a thief, robbing many, including insurers, by fraud, deception, perjury, collusion, and forgery.

Scamraiders thanks the efforts of NYU/Langone hospital for its integrity and diligence in exposing and discharging Dr. John Siebert - a documented deranged sex rapist, a sociopath, con-artist and thief.
See Scamraiders for more details about Siebert.

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