John Siebert, MD

John Siebert, MD committed perjury at trial before Referee Louis Crespo as to his criminal acts of predatory sex abuses, narcotics abuses, NYU Medical Center findings after hearings of rogue conduct

Siebert submitted to 'under-oath' testimony in a hearing/trial as to his violations of a restraining order. Siebert was questioned as to his conduct as a doctor & criminal acts. Siebert denied that he committed crimes & denied any unethical conduct, and denied sexual predatory conduct. Siebert denied any involvement with NYU Hospital administration & house council Lynn Lowy - all of which were willful lies.

Siebert, at the time, was questioned by Lowy & others arising out of patient charges to NYU about Siebert's sex molestings of patients. The answers Siebert gave at the Crespo trial, while his lawyer Burke was present,were outright perjury & intentional fraud. All the while, Siebert had been charged with & found by the hospital after hearings etc, to have engaged in sex abuses of patients & hospital staff & was being discharged from NYU faculty.

Siebert & his corrupt lawyer Burke suppressed & lied about Siebert's conduct & the circumstances, interactions & investigations by NYU, including NYU staff, ie: Lowy, Drs Rackow & Cohen & others at NYU,
through Siebert's systematic perjury, withheld from the Crespo trial & from the appellate court & from various judges in the Unified Courts, including Beeler, Stallman & Heitler.

These acts by Siebert-Burke are willful & include repeated perjury by Siebert at the Crespo hearing, spoliation, fraud, misrepresentation & violations of laws of New York & constitute crimes.

Stay tuned to Scamraiders for more evidence of Siebert's crimes. We have the Siebert perjury in the trial transcripts.

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