John Siebert, M.D. - a proven thief, liar and fraud protected and insulated by Judge Wooten?

Siebert has been a proved perjurer, sex rapist, tax evader, fraudster, briber, sex vulture, fired from 4 hospitals for cause, sex abuse, narcotics abuses and healthcare insurance thefts. Siebert's lack of credibility has been tested and proved. Siebert has been proved to have stolen a fortune from Jim Couri and confessed to his thefts in corporate documents and signed numerous notes, guarantees, indemnities and wavers. Dr. John Siebert is a well-documented thief. What is Judge Paul Wooten doing to impose justice?

Dr. John Siebert is a thief and a criminal. He is a well-documented perjurer and tax thief. He and his lawyer Joseph M Burke, Esq. have engaged in fraud on the court, suppression of evidence, perjury and tampering with court officials.

Why is Judge Paul Wooten protecting the crimes, perjury, violations of an injunction, contempt and tampering engaged in by Siebert and his crooked lawyer Joe Burke?-----is JSC Joan Madden and her sponsor George Pavia a part of this courthouse RICO scam?---

The NY court charades and corruption are about to blow wide open--------------

RICO, involving many at 60 and 80 Centre Street and Thomas street and in the cronyism back rooms where the corrupt lawyers hide such as corkscrew mob front George Pavia, Esq his thug Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq., Joseph M Burke, and many others who we have documented as bad-eggs and criminals bribing courthouse bandits in ‘black-robes.’

And not unlike the other scams America has exposed to and been victimized by-----Nixon, Madoff and hundreds of others-----

Siebert is a proven liar, burke is a proved liar, and Siebert is a disgraced doctor, charged with sex abuses of patients, narcotics abuse, healthcare insurance thefts, fraud on solicitations, evictions from four NYC medical offices, firings from 4 NYC hospitals and rampant perjury, contempt and obstruction of justice in the NY case Jim Couri vs Siebert et-al, where Siebert admitted that he unconditionally owes Jim more than $20million. Siebert ruined a lucrative business, admitted to his lies and frauds and yet Judge Paul Wooten tries to railroad Jim.

Scams Inc/Scamraiders believes Judge Wooten is a judge who has engaged in bias, corrupt and suspect acts. Siebert is on his way to losing his medical license and may well be charged as a criminal for his rapes, thefts, perjury and worse---Siebert has filed many false and fraudulent federal and state tax returns as well---

Judge Paul Wooten, it is time to dispense justice as your railroading and ambushing days are over------it is time you stop mutilating the U.S. Constitution and the rules of law-------your acts are a disgrace, transparent and may constitute crimes by a presiding judge as part of a RICO conspiracy----------

Why is Judge Paul Wooten protecting a corrupt lawyer, Joseph M Burke and a corrupt sex vulture, thief/rapist Dr. Siebert who is a proved perjurer and worse?

Stay tuned----this one may blow wide open and soon-------

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