John Siebert Md and Joseph M. Burke, knowing that Siebert was engaged in a criminal enterprise in 2005, conned NY court judge Beeler into a gag order under fraudulent pretext

. . so that Siebert/Burke could continue their frauds on insurers, sex molesting and corruption illegally protected by a fraudulently induced gag order.

In 2005, John Siebert Md was engaged in a ongoing criminal scheme of defrauding medical insurers by filing forged and bogus insurance claims that were false and filed by Siebert and his aid Nelsa Garcia, in order to rob the insurers for fortunes in illegal recoveries. Siebert began these insurance frauds according to some of Siebert patient victims in 1994, Siebert and Garcia by the time the 'gag order' was instigated by Siebert/Burke, Siebert's criminal enterprise of swindeling insurers with fake and fraudulent documents had been ongoing for years and numerous crimes had been committed by Siebert. Further by 2004, Siebert was under investigation for sex molestings of patients by NY state, NYU Medical Center and by the Manhattan District Attorney's office, all grounded on patient victim's charges made against Siebert.

These facts were well known to Joseph M. Burke Esq. who in violation of law and disciplinary rules, committed fraud and acts of deception, defrauded and conned JSC Beeler and Jim Couri into stimulating an illegal gag order. Burke claimed falsely that Siebert was a respectable doctor and needed the comfort of the gag order in order to secure his 'good name and reputation'. The true motive was to try and stop and create an illegal firewall depriving exposure of evidence and reports of Siebert's already ongoing corruption, frauds, crimes and sex abuses of patients. Gag orders are not implemented for the purpose of covering up crimes, gags are for cases involving children. Some celebrated persons or cases involving national security, but none trump freedom of speech-press or the US Constitution. Here, the gag order was stimulated by corruption, fraud, and deception, using the courts to aid Siebert/Burke in the proliferation of their criminal enterprise. Now desperate Burke/Siebert, in a last-gasp con the courts in NY, JSC Paul Wooten to try and gag the Scamraiders expose of Siebert, Burke, Gomez, Pavia, Garcia and others crimes. The gag order was induced by fraud as JSC Beeler was not informed about the crimes that Siebert/Burke were using the courts to cover up. The courts acts and gullible misinformation have caused more unnecessary loss and injury to yet more of Siebert's patient victims, more losses to medical insurers, injury and loss to Jim Couri. Now brazen, Siebert/Burke are again defrauding the courts, Jim Couri and JSC Wooten, so that they can (by deception and frauds) continue the Siebert/Burke/Garcia criminal enterprise, with the bizarre, curious and unwitting aid of some in the unified court system.

Meanwhile, JSC Stallman refused to seal the court files in the Jim Couri vs Siebert case upon the third or fourth request by Burke/Siebert. JSC Stallman also refused to deprive free speech of Scamraiders and Jim. Burke and Siebert manipulate another NY judge to try and aid them in covering up their now well documented crimes of conversion, sexual degenerate acts of Siebert, fraud, tampering and thefts from medical insurers wit the aid of Nelsa Garcia, Joseph M. Burke Esq. and others. Scamraiders believes that the Burke/Siebert's 'cans-of-worms' of frauds, sex crimes, perjury, tampering and manipulations are about to be fully exposed to the world via patient and others reporting their corruption, thefts and abuses of innocent patients.

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