John Siebert M.D. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq/Russo & Burke, Esqs. criminal conspiracy and scam to defraud the unified courts in NYC

John Siebert M.D. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq/Russo & Burke, Esqs. criminal conspiracy and scam to defraud the unified courts in NYC and defraud Jim Couri and disenfranchise $20 million Siebert consented to pay Couri, waved defenses, and stole by fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, tampering and systematic acts of collusion and corruption

John Siebert is now a unmasked and disgraced doctor. He is a documented sex vulture, a rapist, a healthcare thief, a doctor terminated by three prominent NY hospitals for sexually abusing patients, narcotics abuse, healthcare fraud and thefts, physical, financial and emotional abuse of victim patients. Siebert has also been evicted out of four medical offices in NYC and is under investigation by NY State Dept of Health and other law enforcement agencies. Siebert is a accused pedophile ans a tax evader and a documented perjurer and a documented thief.

In 2004, when Jim Couri sued Siebert for defaulted notes, guarantees, agreements, etc, Siebert hired Joe Burke, Esq. and the corruption and fraud on Couri and the courts began.

Siebert and Burke, for openers, filed many perjured documents, appeared before JSC Harold Beeler and JHO Ira Gammerman, lying that Dr. Siebert is a respectable doctor who is being maligned by Couri's lies. The result was that Beeler instigated a 'gag order' of 2-17-05, precluding the parties from discussing the case and discussing each other. These gag orders are unusual except involving a minor or a celebrity - neither Siebert, who was a corrupt doctor simply looking to cover up his true despicable background.

What the court nor Couri knew was at the very same time Burke and Siebert were lying to the court, falsely claiming that Siebert was a upstanding doctor with impeccable reputation, Burke and Siebert were involved in fending off criminal charges against Siebert for abusing patient Muriel Karas, and fending off a investigation by NY state on charges that Siebert sexually abused patients. Further, neither Siebert or Burke revealed that they were involved in administrative proceedings at NYU/Langone Hospital, where Siebert was charged by patient Diane Kleiman and others for sexual abuses, rape, narcotics abuse and healthcare fraud.

Although Siebert and Burke were involved in many proceedings that resulted in Siebert's termination from three NYC hospitals for sex and other crimes, they secreted these facts and lied to the courts as to Siebert's reputation and the charges against him.

Thereafter, Siebert and Burke engaged in rampant perjury, spoliation, secretion of material facts that Siebert was and is a sex offender a healthcare thief and a criminal. Siebert and Burke, in their desperation, continued a courthouse criminal enterprise of fraud, perjury, tampering and probable bribery.

These acts were a intentional fraud on Couri and the court in a scheme to rob $20 million in claims Couri has against Siebert and his PC.

Thereafter, Burke and Siebert secreted a filed note of issue, lied and defrauded Referee Louis Crespo at a hearing regarding the gag order, where neither Siebert or Burke disclosed the fraud they engaged in by perjury in secreting the findings that Siebert was found to be a sex offender, a healthcare thief and a corrupt doctor.

Undaunted, Siebert and Burke then instigated a injunction on 12-12-05, issued by JSC Beeler. The injunction mandates that neither Burke, Siebert or Couri are permitted to make any motions, file any cases or administrative complaints about any involved party without first obtaining permission from the presiding judge to do so by demanding a telephonic conference call with the judge and all parties on the line, then the judge will either give or deny any such approval for motions etc.

Burke and Siebert thereafter violated the injunction repeatedly and made motions without advising four judges and three referees that they were violating said injunction. They also lied to the Appellate Division 1st Dept. Previously, JSC Beeler had been reassigned to the matrimonial part of the unified court.

Burke and Siebert have played the unified courts like a fiddle, flouting the law by criminal acts, tampering with referees, ex parte manipulations of Referee Jack Suter and secreting the injunction that precluded Siebert and Burke's motions, and rampant perjury. Meanwhile, Jim Couri was ill and dealing with cancer care and undergoing multiple surgeries.

Thus these criminals, Siebert and Burke, continued their deceptions and crimes before the court and the appellate court, systematically proffering perjury, contempt spoliation, deception and fraud all carefully documented.

Now, Siebert and Burke have been caught and their scams of defrauding the courts and fraudulent representations shrouding that Siebert was and is a thief, a sex rapist, a unsavory corrupt doctor. Siebert and Burke by fraud and perjury covered-up the truth that Siebert is a sociopath, a deranged and sex offending doctor.

While at the same time by misuse of the court process robbing Jim Couri's claims and causes of actions against Siebert by courthouse corruption and rampant crimes..

The crimes, obstructing justice, perjury, contempt and repeated intentional violations of the 12-12-05 injunction, mandates that the Siebert-Burke systematic scheme of violations of federal and state codes, laws and criminal codes be now properly addressed.

Why JSC Paul Wooten is sitting on his hands is shocking . . . there will be a day of reckoning, as the years of crimes can not be ignored - and will not be ignored

The records are clear, the evidence is clear of court corruption, fraud, perjury, tampering and misuse of the courthouse.

Siebert is a well established thief, perjurer, fraud and unsavory doctor, who secreted his true background and reputation in a scheme with Joe Burke, Esq. to defraud Jim Couri, rob his $20 million and in the process defraud, corrupt, rob and manipulate the court, and many judges, referees, and the Appellate Division 1st Dept.

Siebert and Burke are a couple of sociopaths who tried and failed to corrupt the courts to rip off a fortune from Jim Couri.

They are now on the run. Siebert is an unmasked healthcare thief, a sex vulture and a rapist, evicted and fired by NY hospitals. Burke is under investigation for his corruption and insurance frauds and engaging in perjury and suborning perjury.

It is time that the unified courthouse face the facts and close in on the Siebert-Burke theft, collusion, tampering, perjury, frauds on the courts and their rampant and intentional violations of a injunction mandating that all illegal motions made on or after 12-12-05 in violation of the injunction and the illegal decisions generated as a result of their fraud on the court be forthwith vacated, reversed and set aside as a matter of law.

Further to the forgoing acts-----

JSC Paul Wooten must answer for his well-documented recklessness, ambush and lies and clear the and convincing attempted 'sand-bagging' of Mr. Couri by a judge over interstate phone lines on Sept. 1, 2010 at a court hearing. A obvious pre-planned scheme to deprive Jim Couri his legal rights and entitlements. The Wooten acts were, without any doubt, intentional.

Wooten's scheme was interstate and violated federal codes and made clearly to deprive Mr.. Couri, a ill pro-se litigant, his rights and pursuit of his claims. Sadly, JSC Wooten engaged in a systematic scheme and attempt to defraud Mr. Couri over interstate facilities a federal crime for anyone in particular a judge engaged in a court-ordered hearing over phone-lines from NYC to California, where Mr.. Couri was undergoing cancer treatments.

The recordings of the hearing, and in particular JSC Wooten, are despicable and devastating utterances from a presiding judge and are more than likely crimes, including interstate fraud, by Judge Paul Wooten.

Making matters worse for JSC Wooten and the unified court is the fact that the court transcript of the about one hour hearing over the phone does not conform with other recordings of the public court hearing we have reviewed of Wooten, Couri and Joe Burke-Siebert's voices, and JSC Wooten's systematic lies and deceptions made to clearly railroad Mr. Couri.

These Wooten-orchestrated ambush statements were systematically omitted from the courthouse created supposed 'transcript' . . . time will tell.





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