John Siebert, M.D. cons the federal Small Business Administration by filing false documents and grabs over $300,000.00 in SBA loans for unauthorized use

Siebert cons the SBA-a doctor who has been evicted from his office space and under investigation for sex and other crimes-filed fake and false applications with the SBA-Siebert claimed in applications that he is a 'entrepreneur' and that he required these funds to improve his business and hire more employees.

Siebert also defrauds many other banks, lenders, and companies and individuals for millions by Siebert's implementation of fraud, deception, collusion, corruption, and larceny-

In fact Siebert had no intention to use the funds falsely obtained from the federal government guarantees for the purposes he claimed he intended to use these monies for in his applications to the government seeking the federally guaranteed money-Siebert defrauded the SBA by filing fraudulent documents. Siebert in fact got the money-by fraud and deception- and according to Scamraiders informants used these funds to speculate in 'pink-sheet' companies such as Celexus, Lithium Battery and other penny-stock companies-and for use by Siebert to promote Siebert's sex capades and narco abuses of patients-interestingly some of the principals of Celexus served time in jail-this is where the SBA money Siebert rooked from his fraud on banks and federal applications went to -

Scamraiders also has obtained documents confirming that Siebert filed false and perjured financial statements with Chase Bank, U.S. Trust Company and Fleet Bank, and to Bayberry Capital Co, Richard Jacobs, Christopher Zimmerman, and other banks and lenders, patients and companies-all for Siebert to swindle these banks and lenders for a fortune in bogus loans granted to con-man/outlaw Siebert.

So Dr. Siebert is not only a well-documented and undenied sex vulture, a pedophile, and a perjurer-but he is a thief a bank swindler and a crook filing false documents to obtain loans from federally insured banks and from the SBA by fraud and deception-

Siebert has 'stuck-up' banks just like John Dillinger and Willy Sutton but crook Siebert used his phony-claimed and bogus- 'Midwestern charm'- rather than a gun-to rob these banks and others-see Scamraiders for more details-

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