John Siebert Md continues to defraud prospective victim-patients on his web-site, including lying that he is on the faculty of NYU Langone Medical Center

Dr John Siebert is now a well documented thief and sex vulture. He has been fired by NYU/Langone hospital for sexually molesting patients, often on the premises of NYU/Langone hospital. Scamraiders has published affidavits and other proof of Siebert's physical, mental and financial rapes of victim patients. The man is such a sociopath and deranged 'scum-bag' he continues to publish frauds on his web-site, lying that he is still on the faculty of NYU Langone hospital although Siebert was fired for sex and narcotics abuses long ago.

Scamraiders informants also report that Siebert is now targeted by New York State Department of Health as to the many reports/complaints of Siebert's sexual predatory activities and the probable resultant termination of Siebert's medical license. Siebert was recently evicted from his shared office by Dr. Dan Baker and was previously evicted by doctors Sherill Aston and Jenifer Waldon; and before that by Chase bank and 799 Park Ave Assoc. for non payment, issuing bad checks and improper conduct and sex abuses.

Scamraiders informants and victims also disclose that Siebert and his co-conspirator Nelsa Garcia have for years been filing fraudulent medical insurance forms obtaining illegal financial recoveries from the insurers for non medically mandated cosmetic procedures by systematic scams of fraud, deceptions and forgery. Scamraiders informants and victims advise that certain victim insurance companies that have been defrauded by Siebert/Garcia have confirmed the frauds perpetrated by Siebert and Garcia and have the informant/victim's claim the insurers have referred the Siebert crimes to law enforcement. As insurance fraud involves violations of a myriad of federal statutes, including mail and wire fraud etc., probably to the us attorneys office.

Scamraiders has also learned that Siebert/and his co-conspirators that have stolen lien medicare funds will soon be subject to the statutory double damages for the fraudulent conversion.

Scamraiders asks that NYU/Langone take immediate steps to put a stop to Siebert's misuse of their name on his web site as this fraud can only aid this sex vulture/criminal in luring yet more victims into his lair. Please see Scamraiders archives for further evidence of Siebert's crimes and sex abuses of his victim patients including Diane Kleiman, call-girl 'Jenifer', Linda M, disgruntled husbands. Including tape recordings, affidavits etc.

Siebert Website

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