John Siebert, MD - heal thy patient-do no harm

This vulture has done much harm, sexually abusing innocent patients, playing 'Frankenstein,' misusing drugs and falsifying insurance records to rob a fortune. This dirt bag belongs in jail.

John Siebert has been playing Dr. Frankenstein, mutilating victim patients, sexually abusing them, giving out narcotics and robbing the victims insurance carriers by falsifying their Empire Blue Cross/Blue Sheild and GFI insurance records.

Siebert's insurance fraud is aided by his long-time bookeeper. Siebert has forged records to fool and defraud the insurer and by use of phones, fax, email, and mail. Now Siebert has put his crimes before federal jurisdiction.

Siebert is a perjurer and a criminal. He has used the phones to abuse patients and engage in phone sex. This man is supposed to be a doctor, doing no harm. He is a disgrace and a vulture now on the run.

We will keep getting more data about Siebert's criminal acts and report all on Scamraiders, to hospitals, and law enforcement as the reports warrant.

See Scamraiders.

Courtesy Jim Couri Network

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