John Siebert, M.D. - how many victims has this sociopath robbed, cheated

John Siebert, M.D. - how many victims has this sociopath robbed, cheated, raped, plundered and fed contra indicated narcotics to?

Dr. John Siebert is a confirmed thief, healthcare insurance thief, a perjurer and a sex vulture - Siebert has committed tax evasion and thefts of patients, business associates and banks funded for his own self-indulgence. Siebert is a fraud and a perjurer and a phony without conscience.

Here are a few of Siebert's financial victims and the approximate sums of money that Siebert robbed, plundered and rooked from these victims--Siebert has admitted his frauds and larceny in corporate resolutions and agreements---

By the way Dr. Siebert is such a fraud and liar until caught and closed down he was running ads claiming falsely that he was 'chief of plastic surgery at Bellevue Hospital in NYC - Bellevue never heard of sociopath Siebert-----the hospital closed him down

Then Siebert ran false ads on his now closed down web-site stating he has medical offices at 875 Park Avenue with full operating facilities-----
A blatant lie----

Siebert had no office on Park Ave. Or in NYC - he was evicted out of all of them

875 Park Ave never heard of Siebert and turns out that this thief Siebert was an illegal 'squatter' in the building illegally hiding in Dr. Glenn Jelks’ office.

Siebert was when 875 Park found Siebert's illegal occupation in their building----875 Park Ave management physically evicted Siebert from 875 Park Avenue a few months ago.

This is the 4th medical office this rapist Siebert was kicked out of in NYC in the past 2 years.

Siebert was also fired by four NYC Hospitals for sexually abusing patients and foe narcotics abuses and healthcare-insurance thefts-----

But thanks to courthouse corruption, bribery and tampering by Siebert and his crooked lawyer joseph m burke the thief has up to now gotten a 'pass'---but not for much longer---

The long arm of RICO and the federales are on the way------

Jim Couri---$20,000,000.00

Ben Ossman/Bayberry Capital---$3,000,000.00

Ms. C. Zimmerman---$2,000,000.00

Richard Jacobs---$550,000.00

Internal Revenue Service---millions on his pc and personal returns

NY and Conn State Tax Depts---unknown sums

U.S. Trust Co---about $500,000.00

Chase Bank - fraudulent mtg -- about 1 mil--foreclosed Park Ave co-op office

Celexus Corporation - amounts unknown

Wellpoint Blue Cross Blue Shield - over $1,000,000.00

Medicare and other insurance companies-----amounts unknown

Banks Audi, Fleet Bank, Thomas Gilbride, Thomas Spellaine and many other Siebert victims-amounts yet unknown

More to come---

Dr. Siebert has robbed many, misusing corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke and tampering with courts and engaging in perjury and fraud----

We will list Dr. Siebert's sex victims and his narcotics victims in a companion article------stay tuned.

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