John Siebert, M.D. - is he a pure sociopath engaging in contempt of court, thefts and worse?

Or is he a mentally imbalanced sex pervert and a manipulator of victims emotions solely to stoke his desire to control and to overcome his inferiority complex and latent sex perversions as a pedophile and worse?

There is little doubt that Dr. John Siebert is a deranged person without any conscience. Siebert has misused his medical license to manipulate the emotions of many victim-patients. Siebert has lied and conned innocent women to emotionally, physically and financially rape and plunder them.

Siebert is a butcher, not a surgeon. He is a proven self-indulgent sociopath and a accused healthcare thief. See Siebert's patient affidavits, outlining Dr. Siebert's botched surgeries, crimes and sex perversions.

Siebert has lied, cheated, plundered, raped and indued drugs to victim patients, solely for his personal sexual and financial gratification.

Siebert is now a disgraced doctor on the run, after being evicted from four medical offices in NYC and fired from three or four NYC medical institutions.

Siebert has been accused of healthcare thefts and fraud, ripping off Wellpoint BlueCross-BlueShield for more than $1million.

Siebert has committed perjury, fraud on multiple courts, attempted bribery, and collusion along with his corrupt lawyers Joe Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and Russo & Burke, Esqs. They violated a broad and sweeping injunction, issued in 2005, barring their right to file motions and cases in any courts without pre-court approval by confrence call with all parties on the line. The circumvented these mandates, conned unsuspecting judges and the appellate courts and engaged in fraud on the court by intentional acts of contempt. Siebert has cheated, bribed and manipulated the courts to rob Jim Couri and others for over $20 million in unpaid notes, guarantees, agreements and other obligations.

Siebert is a well documented rapist and sex abuser, confirmed by Diane Kleiman and others.

Dr. Siebert, it is time that you pay up, as your creditors and victims will pursue you and expose you for the thief, sex offender and sociopath that you are. Your demented conduct has caused your expulsion out of your affiliations with four hospitals and your eviction out of four or five medical offices and more than a dozen victim patients that Siebert has raped and molested.

UW Hospital must be very desperate to employ Dr. John Siebert, a sex abuser, thief and accused pedophile. We guess that UW Hospital is desperate for revenue and thus has tried to cover-up Siebert's sex-and other crimes while using unsanitary conditions (which UW has been accused of), to be sure, sad for innocent victim-patients who visit rogue sex offender Dr. John Siebert.

We have spoken to many of Siebert's victims, all of whom report Siebert's sociopathic conduct, lies and thefts. We are convinced that Siebert is a rogue, deranged person who has no integrity and is a danger to patients and to society. He has been accused by some of his sex-kittens as being a sex- pervert and a pedophile.

We at Scamraiders are continuing to investigate every move of carpetbagger Dr. Siebert and will be reporting on all of his criminal and sociopathic activities.

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