Scamraiders has combed the Courthouse files, Kroll Associates Reports and other Documents (UCC filings, tax-liens, etc.) involving John W. Siebert MD and his PC. We have found a rancid paper trail of corruption and fraud. Siebert may well be a doctor by day, but by night and weekends, is something else. Plainly put--a carpet-bagger fraudster, with a scalpel. The evidence reveals that John Siebert has swindled many with phony loans, defaulted promissory notes, defaulted guarantees, along with lawsuits against him for unpaid obligations.
John Siebert has, over the past ten years:

a) Borrowed over $3 million from Ben Ossman, Bayberry Capital-- paid back some, and defaulted on most. Then Siebert and his CPA, Shine & Co., deducted the repayments, claiming them as ‘fees’ on his PC tax returns. Outright tax fraud.

b) Borrowed $2 million from Ms. Christopher Zimmerman--- yet unpaid back.

c) Swindled Murial Karas and abused her---criminal charges filed by Karas v Siebert.

d) Swindled $20 million from Jim Couri-- defaulted on Notes, Guarantees, Indemnifications, and Agreements. (See Case #113512/08 and #107240/04, Supreme Court New York.)

e) Conned Dr. S. Aston, and appears to have taken advantage Dr. Aston’s good graces as ‘sub-tenant’. Apparently Siebert is now conning Dr. Dan Baker as his ‘sub-tenant’. Seems that slippery Siebert moves around quicker than Willie Sutton.

f) Richard Jacobs secured a Judgment against Siebert for approximately $500,000.00 representing defaulted Notes. (See Case # 122232/02, Supreme Court New York.)

g) Investigated by the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut for being a pedophile.
Siebert is subject to tax liens, tax investigations, and UCC filings as a debtor. He is a Defendant in more than twenty lawsuits in New York County alone. What’s up with this guy? How does he get away with these scams and swindles?

We have now learned that John Siebert has formed an ‘alliance’ with a well-known golf hustler and card cheat, who is now fronting as a supposed stockbroker, whose name and background will be revealed shortly. Stay tuned to Scamraiders for this unfolding story.

The Documents referred-to herein are available in Scamraiders Archives, or are in New York Supreme Court files.

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