John Siebert, MD, we hear is now maybe being investigated in Wisconsin

Siebert is a now well-documented & undenied sex predator. He & his corrupt lawyer are commiting perjury in NY courts & conning JSC Paul Wooten, but the facts are undeniable - Siebert is a very sick person, and he has been fired by NYU/Langone Medical Center for his sex abuses & narcotics abuses & worse.

Patients & others have reported his sex crimes to law enforcement & state agencies in New York. Now, we hear a rumor that the officials in Madison, wisconsin have learned that Siebert, who has found a job at UW Hospital in Wisconsin - is now maybe a target & is being investigated in Madison.

Siebert is a inveterate liar, & sex predator, who on his web-site lies as to his 'affiliations', background & covers up his discharge from NYU. Siebert & Joe Burke are corrupting courts to cover up Siebert's illegal conduct & in a scheme to rob Jim Couri.

See scamraiders for rewards.

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