John Siebert MD's victim patients report bizarre acts at NYU/Langone Hospital where Siebert was fired for cause about a year ago and confirmed by letter to Scamraiders

Over the past weeks, three of Dr. John Siebert's victims telephoned NYU/Langone, inquiring about Siebert and his affiliation with the hospital. Although Siebert is no longer listed on NYU/Langone faculty or in any capacity with the hospital---the switchboard advised the inquiring victims that Siebert was still with NYU/Langone and to call him at 212-263-5181.

This bizzare revelation was reported to Scamraiders. Our investigator called and was given the same responses. Our investigator, on Dec 27, 2010 spoke to a Mr. Jay Chief of NYU/Langone operators, who reported that there was nothing provided to the operators that DrSW siebert is no longer with the hospital.

Our investigator told Mr Jay that Siebert was fired from all rolls at NYU/Langone over a year ago and that such was confirmed by NYU/Langone administration. Siebert is also still listed as a participant at NYU/Langone plastic-surgery office 'IRPS' Unit 8V by the operators, although Siebert was discharged a year ago. This expose reveals negligence or incompetence or possibly other doctors in plastic surgery at NYU covering up for Siebert----at the expense of innocent victims/patients.

This revelation is shocking and alarming. Siebert has victimized many patients, some at NYU/Langone---including Diane Kleiman and Ms. Karas. NYUconducted lengthy hearings and investigations and terminated Siebert over a year ago. Many of Siebert's victim patients have been severely injured by Siebert---physically, emotionally and financially.

Is NYU/Langone negligent in not advising their operators that Siebert was fired for cause? Well now NYU/Langone is put on notice. We hope that the NYU/Langone legal department will put a stop to these curious 'errors' just as they did directing Siebert to cease and desist falsely claiming that he is associated with NYU/Langone on his web-site.

Siebert has also just published and launched a fraudulent YouTube video defrauding the public falsely claiming that he is 'Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bellevue Hospital,' an affiliate of NYU/Langone. Bellevue Hospital administration has no knowledge of Siebert and he is not on the Bellevue staff. It seems that the Sibert brazen frauds never ends, but NYU/Langone must protect its patients and integrity from a outlaw-rogue Dr. Siebert. This video is outright fraud allowing Siebert, a confirmed sex vulture, to further rape and abuse victim-patients if not stopped.

NYU/Langone should be aware that they are also accused by victim Kleiman, under-oath in her affidavit posted on Scamraiders, that Siebert and NYU reaped a windfall from medical insurers of over $1million as a result of Siebert's forgery and falsified and fraudulent filings of phony and fraudulent and bogus insurance claims and thus thefts from insurers of a fortune. NYU/Langone should not want to be associated with sociopath Dr John W Siebert and Scamraiders hopes that this error with the NYU operators will be promptly resolved.


Fraudulent Siebert Video:


Bellevue Hospital Staff (no Siebert):

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