John Siebert's accomplice in defrauding insurers empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield seems to be Nelsa Garcia, his long-time bookkeeper/office manager

John Siebert Md, based on evidence, interviews and affidavits, has been forging patient medical insurance forms in order to recover fees illegally from medical insurers for non medically mandated surgeries and procedures that are only cosmetic in nature. Siebert uses as a incentive to patient victims the scheme so that their out of pocket is substantially reduced by defrauding empire Blue Cross/Blue Shiled and other insurers. Sieberts confidante and accomplice in these crimes is (and has been his bookeeper/office-manager) Nelsa Garcia. Siebert 'inherited' Garcia in about 1994 when he took over the practice of plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hogan. Garcia keeps all of Siebert's in-house books and fills out and files all medical insurance forms with the insurers by email, fax or mail. Siebert's outside auditors are Schine & Co. Brian Pecker CPA., who has aided Siebert and his PC in committing tax evasion as evidenced by Siebert's personal and PC tax returns, many in public court records. Garcia also 'interviews' all of Siebert's prospective patients as to procedures, fees, hospital fees, etc.

Siebert and Garcia in concert, have for years (it is believed), forged and defrauded insurers to permit Siebert to illegally obtain stolen funds from insurers via fraud, deception and misuse of the mails, phones fax and emails. These acts have been further revealed and confirmed to Scamraiders by lawyer and former prosecutor and Siebert victim, Diane Kleiman Esq. Garcia, acting with and for Siebert and at Siebert's direction, prepares the fraudulent insurance forms for execution, lying about the procedures and surgeries by using bogus and improper insurance codes so that the insurer is defrauded into paying Siebert for types of surgeries that never occurred and which really were cosmetic/plastic surgery and not reimbursable by insurers as a matter of law. These Siebert/Garcia swindles (we understand) have been ongoing for many years according to Kleiman and also she claims embrace non medically mandated hospital stays that Siebert and Garcia also forged. We believe that these forged & fraudulent insurance forms are in Garcia and Siebert's own hands, also possibly forging the patient's name as well, according to Kleiman. Scamraiders is informed that Siebert/Garcia also swindled other insurers as well as empire including GFI Insurance Co. These insurance frauds should be brought to the attention of federal and state law enforcement as according to Kleiman's affidavit, in her case alone, siebert swindled/stole over $750,000.00 in fraudulent insurance recoveries.

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