Joseph M. Burke, Esq. intentionally and repeatedly violated an injunction that he was bound by law to comply with

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. intentionally and repeatedly with impunity violated an injunction that he was bound by law to comply with and did so over a dozen times spanning 5 years.

Burke in the process of willfully violating the injunction, engaged in perjury, suborning perjury, covered up his and John Siebert's frauds, sex abuses, healthcare thefts and deprived Jim Couri of summary judgment on over $20 million that Siebert agreed to pay Jim with the advice of lawyers Gilbride, Tusa, Last & Spellaine and that Siebert waved all defenses in a Siebert default.

Joseph M. Burke engaged in vexatious acts, fraud, corruption, fraud on the courts, fraud on Couri, corruption and collusion and more than probable cronyism and bribery. Burke and Siebert are guilty of serial contempt of a injunction that if not rectified will result in federal court intervention, RICO and other charges as more corruption and perjury and tampering are being exposed weekly.

Burke also engaged in ex parte tampering with bully referee Jack Suter writing illegal orders for Suter by collusion and in violation of a injunction. If justice can not be served in the Unified Court System possibly the federal courts, the FBI and the Justice Department can aid in the implementation of the rules of law and the us constitution.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. must be charged and disbarred for his and Russo & Burke, Esq.'s corrupt acts and thefts of justice by fraud, collusion, tampering, perjury and contempt . . . stay tuned.

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