Joseph M. Burke, Esq commits more fraud & sucks up to JSC Paul Wooten in the process...

Joe Burke continues to engage in tampering, fraud, perjury, extortion, harassment & suspect & ex parte communications with the court. Burke now concocts a new scam---AFTER refusing to comply with Hipaa federal & state rules & regs.You see, Burke is such a fraud he simply wants to extort Jim Couri & grind the Couri v Siebert case. If Burke wanted to find out about Jim's grave condition, all he has to do is read-the massive medical production Jim has made & that Burke has. 
Also Hipaa is not necessary, as Jim welcomed a proper third-party exam - not for slime-ball Burke. He now claims that Jim sent him a letter & not his medical list. This is the same phony lawyer who has harassed Jim's hospitals, doctors & others along with his client, sex-vulture Siebert & Ken Gomez.
All the while, JSC Wooten is 'buying into' Burke's extortion - Jim has been in hospital due to post surgery complications. Jim wrote Wooten a letter, faxed from UCLA 'Admissions Dept.' Wooten refused to read it. Why? There was no affidavit of mail attached. Seem odd? Damn right!!!
Jim has terminal cancer & these corrupt thugs continue to harass, abuse & extort the guy. One of these days, these matters will be before a real court & a real judge on the federal level & all of these documented acts of corruption & railroading & fraud will be exposed in living color. RICO? We'll see . . .
Meanwhile, Burke is simply trying to set Jim up with his frauds & lies. Burke believes that he is above federal Hipaa mandates & the mandates of California & NY Hipaa laws rules & regs.
JSC Wooten now wants to violate Jim’s rights yet again & violate federal Hipaa rules, as JSC Wooten has not put a stop the this charade of Burke's scam to railroad. Put another way - first Burke refuses to comply with Hipaa federal & state mandates. Then, he claims that Jim did not send his list of doctors. Then, when he gets the list by FedEx from Jim predicated on full compliance with Hipaa rules & regs, Burke then claims the list was not in the FedEx envelope.
Meanwhile, Jim has been in hospital. Finally then con-man Burke then claims the fed ex was sent on Sept 8 not Sept 7, 2010 - if Burke read Jim's letter to him the list was going to be sent on Sept 10, 2010, as Jim has been in hospital & a holiday was involved.
Regardless this Burke attempted ambush is another example of Burke's pattern of tampering, bribery, perjury, fraud & corruption. Meanwhile, con-man Burke has failed to produce his customer Siebert for a four-year-ago court-ordered deposition, he has failed to produce Nelsa Garcia, Siebert's office manager, court ordered & failed to produce documents.
All pre-note court-ordered by JSC Heitler in 2006. Instead Burke engaged in secreting of documents, tampering, perjury & suborning of perjury & trying to cover up Siebert's tax evasion & sex rapes of patients.
We will be posting Burke's perjured letters soon.

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