Joseph M. Burke Esq. has been caught corrupting, tampering, and interfering with witnesses as part of a scheme to cover up John Siebert Md's crimes to derail justice

Joe Burke has been caught engaging in ex parte emails with an illegally appointed referee Jack Suter in New York courts. Burke, while secreting a filed 'note of issue-certificate of readiness', engaged in months of ex parte illegal emails with a referee, resulting in corrupt and illegal orders to be generated. Signed by Suter, yet written and created by Burke, to rob Jim Couri of his claims against Siebert and to permit Burke to file a $7million bogus judgment against Jim.

Burke was caught in his corrupt acts, yet ignored by the NY courts. Burke, likewise engaged in the same corruption and spoliation involving the appellate division and with J.S.C Stallman. Further, Burke lied to J.S.C Beeler and secreted criminal data Burke had in his possession and lured J.S.C. Beeler into a corrupt 'gag-order' by fraud on the court and Jim Couri. Burke thereafter allows Siebert to engage in rampant perjury at a contempt hearing before yet another referee, this time referee Crespo, covering up Sieberts acts of sex crimes, thefts from insurers and then ongoing criminal and regulatory investigations. Then deprived Jim from putting on his case and the testimony of NYU hospital officials who were conducting hearings into Siebert's sex crimes. Burke then lied to the state of Connecticut Department of Children and Families, who in 2005 were investigating Siebert as a pedophile.

Both Siebert and Burke lied to the agency and to referee Crespo. Thereafter, Burke attempted to compromise with ex parte communications with a notary who filed an affidavit confirming that Siebert and Burke are liars regarding agreements seven releases the notary notarized Siebert's signature. Burke then found and compromised a California drug abusing notary claiming that Jim Couri forged the notary to his own truthful affidavits in the center of Beverly Hills CA where notaries are as available as ants. A meaningless and absurd Burke smokescreen claim and an obvious retaliation to Burke being exposed as a fraud by his corrupt acts of Suter, spoliation, tampering with notary, all pre-date the Burke belated senseless claims. when Scamraiders announced its interviews with Siebert victim Diane Kleiman, Burke/ Siebert in their desperation con J.S.C. Wooten, file a barred OSC to put Jim in jail for violating a gag order of J.S.C. Beeler secured by Burke/Siebert fraud, but which mandated a conference call to the court before any motion practice.

Undaunted and desperate Burke/Siebert avoided the mandates and proceeded to lie yet again in a smokescreen scheme by misuse of the unified court and JSC Paul Wooten. Then in violation of law when Scamraiders posted the Kleiman affidavit exposing Siebert as a sex predator, narcotics abuser and thief, stealing insurance proceeds from insurers, Burke and his alter-ego Ken Gomez began to harass and tamper with Kleiman, who appears to be financially desperate. Scamraiders has been informed that Burke has cajoled, conned and tampered with Kleiman, trying (we believe) to interfere into Kleiman's 'sworn-to' statements she made in her affidavit about vulture Dr Siebert and his thefts of medical insurance monies by Sieberts forgery, fraud and corruption involving Kleiman's/Siebert surgeries and related insurance swindles orchestrated by Siebert according to Kleiman. As can be seen, Joseph M. Burke is a corrupt lawyer engaging in criminal acts of corruption, spoliation, tampering, probable bribery to cover up criminality and rob Jim Couri of his money.

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