Joseph M. Burke Esq. signs affidavits replete with lies covering up Dr. John Siebert's criminal sex activities...

Joe Burke
Burke was present when Siebert was charged by hospitals and agencies, yet he denies that Siebert is a contemptible sex vulture.

Joseph M. Burke has submitted documents signed by Burke/Siebert in the unified courts obtained by Scamraiders investigators, that are replete with word manipulations and willful perjury. This ongoing, well documented, fraudulent and corrupt conduct has been the M.O. of Burke/Siebert since the inception of Jim Couri's cases against Siebert. The corruption, tampering, spoliation and perjury engaged by Siebert and Burke have been carefully documented by Scamraiders. We have assembled over five years of lies and deception, courthouse scams, referee tampering, judge manipulations that confirms the corruption and ineptness, bias and worse engaged in in the NY courts.

The condoning of the lies, cover-ups and frauds of Burke & Siebert arising out of a very simple case is transparent and despicable. Scamraiders and its staff have memorialized this saga of corruption which we think is the foundation for federal intervention and Rico charges. Meanwhile, Burke thinks he is fooling someone by his manipulation of yet another unified court judge, this time Paul Wooten. Time will tell but one thing is sure, Joe Burke and Dr. Siebert have been caught engaging in deception, fraud, tampering, perjury and corruption. They play with a stacked deck and then seek rewards for their deception, fraud and bad acts.

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