Did Attorney Joseph M. Burke engage in “hocus-pocus” and in the process manipulate Referee Louis Crespo of the New York Unified Courts; and as a result, further Burke’s and his client Dr. John W. Siebert’s fraud on Jim Couri and on the Courts? Did Joe Burke attend law school or magicians school?

In the case Jim Couri brought against Dr. John Siebert and his PC, Referee Crespo was appointed by Judge Beeler on 6-6-05 to supposedly supervise all Pre-Note of Issue/Certificate of Readiness Discovery on a fair and equitable basis pursuant to New York State’s Civil Practice Laws and Rules. This means that a Court-appointed Referee is to be unbiased and neutral. Unfortunately, Referee Crespo’s conduct in this matter has given rise to great concern and alarm.

As of March 22, 2006, after Attorney Joe Burke secretly filed a Note of Issue/Certificate of Readiness (see Scamraiders’ Articles regarding Burke/Siebert) Referee Crespo’s Pre-Note appointment by JSC Beeler ceased as a matter of law. The filed Note was unknown by Jim, until just recently. (Note: under the Court’s Civil Practice Laws and Rules, no Referee is permitted to participate in any case a without a current active Court Order.) Referee Crespo’s appointed role in this matter ceased on March 22, 2006 with the filing of the Note of Issue, but in violation of Jim’s rights, Crespo continued on----why? Referee Crespo also, in violation of Uniform Rules, issued numerous Post-Note Orders that were not only bared and precluded (Post Note of Issue), but were in direct contravention to documented facts regarding Jim’s illness, conduct, etc. Again, why??

Lawyer Burke, secretly knowing that Referee Crespo’s supervision of any Post-Note of Issue Discovery was improper and precluded, chose to permit these Crespo violations of Uniform Rules to continue apparently to solely serve Burke and his clients’ unjust purposes.

WHAT IS GOING ON IN THESE COURTS? Referee Crespo points out in numerous of his Post Note Orders that he “carefully reviewed the Court files”. How come Referee Crespo did not immediately quit, knowing his role had been concluded when the Note of Issue was filed? Why did Referee Crespo not honor the Rules underlying filed Note of Issues? Was Crespo willful or just negligent? Did Crespo simply make a mistake? The latter are highly unlikely. Did Attorney Burke manipulate and use Referee Crespo to obtain the ability to defraud the Appellate Division and Jim, knowing all Discovery and all of Referee Crespo’s Post-Note Orders, after March 22, 2006, were improper and in fact barred?

What did Referee Crespo know or not know? Why did Crespo continue to write Orders that were illegal and in violation to Uniform Rules? We know, and documents confirm, that Mr. Burke corrupted another Referee, Jack Suter, conspiring with him and engaging in ex-parte emails, writing illegal Orders and committing fraud and perjury. Now, it is no wonder why Administrative Judge Carey has just issued an Order no longer allowing Referees to supervise any litigation’s Discovery in the New York Unified Court System. Possibly Judge Carey agrees with Scamraiders and Jim. How long can Burke and Siebert get away with repeated criminal acts without reprisal, while many in the New York Courts continue to turn a blind eye to these frauds and corruption? --- Stay tuned.

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