JSC Joan Madden puts a self-represented litigant in harm’s way and possible heart attack

JSC Joan Madden for her self-indulgence puts a self-represented litigant Jim Couri in harm’s way and possible heart attack---

Scams Inc/Scamraiders has learned ignored the pleas of Jim Couri’s doctors and invasive cardiologists at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital that Jim suffers from severe congestive heart disease and forced jim into a kangaroo trial--then madden conspiring with George Pavia, Dr. John Siebert and their common lawyers, Kenneth V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke, Esqs. Madden recruited a Siebert pal and friend, Dr. Howard Weintraub, to render a phony, false medical opinion over the then current evaluations of Jim's medical situation.

Madden's ambush used the opinions of a quack doctor, fired by Jim and allied with disgraced sex and pedophile Dr. John Siebert, to further rob Jim and steal his rent stabilized home. Madden refused to respond to pleas from Dr. A. Lansky and Dr. Jeffery Moses, chief of invasive cardiology at Columbia Pres Hospital, so that Madden could sand-bag Jim and force a life threatening sham trial while Jim had collapsed in her courtroom and was rushed to emergency surgery for a total of 8 stents in his coronary arteries

JSC Madden ignored Jim's fragile health out of greed, corruption and lust to obtain illegal and unjust rewards for the Pavias, who, by bribes, fraud, perjury and corruption, railroaded justice with a disgusting heartless, spineless supposed judge who didn’t give a “rats-ass” about a self-represented ill litigant but rather Madden’s own misuse of doctors and a court to derail justice over the pleas of legitimate healthcare providers in lieu of a sex vulture Siebert and an incompetent heart doctor, Weintraub, who was fired for malpractice by Jim months before and who was allied with a sex-abusing doctor, Siebert, who owes Jim $20,000,000.00 . . . a match made in hell-----stay tuned-

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