JSC Paul Wooten - a documented highwayman under the guise as a judge?

Scamraiders has documented the judge Wooten collusion, abuse of judicial power, railroading, deception, interstate fraud, and Wooten's lax and inconsistent decisions confirming Mr. Wooten's outrageous disdain for the rules of law. Wooten's intentional targeting and attempted ambushing of Jim Couri and his rights and systematic thefts of Jim's claims are confirmed by evidence Scamraiders has assembled. JSC Wooten is a bully and a glib trickster wearing black-robes, yet no less a 'highwayman' than 'John Dillinger'.

A full and further expose of this judge Wooten with more evidence will be unfolded on Scamraiders shortly. We are wondering why this public servant JSC Wooten systematically clearly is robbing Jim's money and manipulates facts and law to cover-up and give sex vulture Siebert money and rights that he is not entitled, cover up Siebert and his lawyer Burke's crimes. What's going on judge Wooten? You are fooling no one and you have proven by your activities, your own scheme of fraud and deception on 9-1-10 via interstate phone lines, judges are not supposed to lie, disenfranchise, sand-bag and cheat litigants who have the documents to prove their rights and entitlements.

Are they?

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