Jsc Paul Wooten concocts a barred and illegal supposed 'contempt motion' by OSC

Jsc Paul Wooten (the unified courthouse railroading and ambushing specialist) and acting in concert with corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke concoct a barred and illegal supposed 'contempt motion' by OSC and signed by Wooten in case Couri v Siebert index 107240/04 a case that not only was 'abandoned' by virtue of the vacature of note of issue and certificate of readiness for over a year without motion to restore the case to trial calendar but was automatically abandoned per CPLR 3404---not to mention noncompliance with the mandates of the JSC Beeler injunction requiring that no motions can be made without first all parties engaging in a scheduled telephone conference call with all and the judge on the line-----this also never occurred------thus the ambush contempt motion is a scam, illegal, not in compliance with the injunction requirements and moot in any event as it was made in a case that was as a matter of law, uniform rule202.21, and CPLR 3404 disposed, abandoned and marked as such by the trial clerks-----Wooten illegally and in violation of law in his desperation to scam and rob Jim Couri of his constitutional rights and money, health and justice tried to con trial support clerks, hide the order that vacated the fraudulent and forged note of issue in October 2009 by Judge Stallman and never restored timely or at all per rules of the court-----Wooten has been caught with Joseph M Burke and sex vulture Dr. John Siebert in another courthouse scam----case 107240/04 is dead and over-- Judge Wooten, the next railroad you will be on is to Danburry if you are lucky--------stay tuned -------

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