JSC Paul Wooten condones John Siebert, MD and Joe Burke's concealing evidence, perjury, violations, thefts, sex attacks, and displays disdain for the Bill of Rights and Constitution

New York Supreme Court Judge Paul Wooten
Jim Couri is gravely ill. He was robbed by Siebert, who, with lawyer Tom Spillane, Esq. preparing the agreements, agreed to pay Jim money Siebert defrauded and defaulted that he promised to pay. Siebert lied, cheated, admitted he engaged in fraud and corruption, yet when he had to pay the settlement agreement, Siebert – a sociopath -- defaulted.

Siebert had settled over $20million for about $2 million, provided he paid. Siebert owed on notes, contracts, and guarantees. No-pay Siebert also waved any right to assert counterclaims. When Jim finally sued Siebert, the sex vulture and tax evader and his corrupt lawyer, Joe Burke began their bribery, corruption, tampering, perjury in concert with fixer George Pavia, who had already gotten to the Madden court.

For over six years, Burke/Siebert have engaged in spoliation, violations of injunction, fraud on the court, tampering, fraud and worse. Illegal discovery, writing illegal orders and depriving Jim of his money.

Now new judge and Brooklyn politico Paul Wooten is on the scene. This new Patterson appointee, after antics in Brooklyn with a unsavory crew, comes to the Big Apple condoning this greed, larceny, corruption, violation of access to the courts, malicious prosecution and fraud. Wooten's conduct, as reported in court documents, reveals a outrageous disdain for due process, fair rules of law and freedom of speech and the U.S. Constitution. Wooten has engaged in bias 'forked-tongued' and suspect decisions -- and a 'shooting from the hip' and xerox copies, shot-gun and incomplete decisions, exhibiting a bias and improper rush to judgment, thus targeting Jim and other of Siebert's legitimate creditors.

Wooten is, by his own conduct, illegally and unfairly favoring and turning 'blind-eyes' to the Siebert/Burke greed, corruption and fraud all of which are documented. Jim produced proof of corruption, fraud, spoliation, and Jim's grave medical condition – yet, undaunted, JSC Wooten seems to have his 'marching orders,' while Administrative Judge Sherry Heitler turns her back on this set-up and sand-bagging.

Mr. Wooten, your actions and failure to act gives rise to how and why you got this black-robe appointment and what the FBI were interested in some of yours and others antics in little old Brooklyn, NY. We know all about Brooklyn's political machine and the rampant corruption on going there - it ain't new. And by the way, Jim Couri Network is owned and operated by Scamraiders. Jim Couri long ago sold to Scamraiders the use of his name.

Scamraiders is a news organization, domiciled in California and operates pursuant to its 'Terms of Use' and to the laws of the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights and Jim Couri is not writing articles and is not Scamraiders. He resigned as $1 per year consultant last November, 2009.

Scamraiders is not, thank God, a part of or involved in the NY courts regarding Siebert's case or involved with, directly or indirectly, the Wooten court, regardless of the self serving lies of Joe Burke/John Siebert to further misuse the NY courts to extort, harass, and rip-off Jim Couri.

We at Scamraiders are reporting news, crimes, corruption, scams and wrongdoings, pursuant to freedom of press. See our 'mission statement.' None of your favored litigants - ie: sex rapist Siebert, corrupt lawyer Burke and their co-horts have complied with our Terms of Use and none have denied Scamraiders documented reports about their crimes.

See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 rewards. Judge Wooten, Jim Couri is very ill, so why not stop harassing and extorting him and why not try and administer the law fairly and legitimately? That's what judges are supposed to do, isn't it?

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