JSC Paul Wooten -- corruption, fraud and intentional ambush

JSC Paul Wooten -- corruption, fraud and intentional ambush of a self-represented litigant in a court proceeding by interstate phones trapped on a recording of the proceeding proving Wooten's corruption, fraud and railroading

Scams Inc/Scamraiders has carefully reviewed the recordings we have obtained- of the Sept. 1, 2010 supposed courtroom status conference called by the court in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert et al case-107240-2004-Jim was in California in cancer treatment and the proceeding was by interstate phone and ordered by JSC Paul Wooten by written court order-

Wooten was in the courtroom along with Siebert and lawyer Joe Burke and Jim was 3000 miles away in a hospital in Los Angeles, California-self represented.

Wooten systematically engaged in a dastardly scheme to -by lies and deception-sand-bag Jim-over interstate phone lines-Wooten wove a web of lies and fraud concocting a phony scam that the court repeatedly tried to call Jim and Jim refused to respond for the purpose of compliance to an injunction -the claim by Wooten was outright fraud and intentional deception

Yet Wooten had no response when Jim questioned who called? To where? When? And how often?-Wooten lied outright as Jim's office logs all calls-none from the court were ever received-as the whole Wooten charade was a sham to suck Jim into a kangaroo-set-up-

Further Jim has proved that it we Jim who called Wooten and part clerk Rubio a dozen times over prior months imploring a conference call with Wooten.

And Wooten and Rubio repeatedly refused.

This also is memorialized and is proved beyond doubt- and confirms a conspiracy by Wooten to rob Jim for Siebert/Burke/Pavia and others.

The evidence sadly further establishes that judge Wooten is a despicable corrupt judge compromised by established bribing, disgraced thieves-Siebert-Burke-Pavia-Wooten is hiding behind his black robes thinking he is immune from reprisals for federal crimes and robing a litigant of $20 million.

JSC Wooten, use the Brooklyn Bridge and then try to buy it, as you seem to believe in the 'good-fairy' as well

JSC Wooten's clear and convincing interstate frauds mandate his immediate recusal as Wooten engaged in these documented interstate frauds to rob Jim of his constitutional rights and schemed to engage in obstruction of justice and rob Jim of $20million owed to him by perjurer Dr. Siebert-

JSC Wooten is without doubt a corrupt judge who has violated the law, tampered with court records, engaged in fraud and deception by strong-arm and kangaroo tactics lying with impunity and then tampering with the supposed-'official court transcript'-which placed back-to-back with the legal recordings of a court proceeding further prove the systematic frauds and tampering and attempted cover-up of Wooten's collusion and corruption-

JSC Wooten you are trapped and caught engaging in acts of intentional fraud, collusion and corrupt acts-

Tapes don’t lie-people do!!!

Judge Wooten you are- based on your own words and actions and failure to act- a disgrace and should be charged, fired and a RICO defendant-stay tuned

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