JSC Paul Wooten engages in ex parte communications with corrupt lawyer

JSC Paul Wooten engages in ex parte communications with corrupt lawyer for sex vulture John Siebert

Judge Paul Wooten, desperate for a piece of Jim Couri's claims, colludes with Joseph M. Burke in orchestrating a railroading and 'sand-bagging' scheme--------Wooten lies, cheats, ignores Burke/Siebert violations of the 12-12-05 Beeler injunction, ---Wooten lies and claims that burke complied before he made a contempt OSC that Wooten illegally signed------without any pre conference call --------

Wooten's conduct and telephone scams--taped---are clear and convincing corruption and collusion with Joseph M Burke Esq to rip off Jim's money and health------spite, greed and retaliation----now Wooten conspires with Burke--ex-parte to manipulate trial support and uniform rules of the court-----

Now the courthouse clerks are talking and Wooten's scams and kangaroo courtroom is on the radar---

Wooten has recently lied to, tampered with and manipulated----or tried to manipulate------ chief clerks Kavitran, Gottinger, Ms. Margie, Ms. Deborah and other clerks at trail support and at motion support who monitor the court's internet-scroll in a scheme to circumvent cple3404 and uniform rule 202.21--------

And Wooten and part clerk Rubio and law secretary Ms. Sampson-----they have done Wooten's corrupt 'bidding' and violated federal and state laws and they have secreted and tampered with court files in case 107240/04---Jim Couri vs Siebert --------and case 113512/08-----Couri vs Siebert

Just like Burke did with Referee Jack Suter by ex parte emails in the same scheme of frauds on the court---we have the undenied proofs ignored by Judge Michael Stallman and Wooten----

Bandits in black robes playing charades with people’s lives while plundering, stealing and taking bribes in back room fixes------

Now Wooten, like a trapped rat, wants to rewrite uniform rule 202.21 (a)-(f)---and CPLR 3404 as he tried to illegally place a disposed case 107240/04 back on the trial calendar----a- la- Wooten's 'jail-house laws' not honest written laws----

Wooten is a cheat and a thief caught in the act----Wooten illegally restored this 107240/04 case in violation of uniform rule 202.21 and cplr3404-------and when Jim caught Wooten’s frauds on trial support, the court and Jim-----Wooten now conspires again with Burke and defrauds trial support and motion support------

Wooten charades prove that he is a thief, a crook and a judge who doesn’t even know the law---so he writes his own----------they do this in prison-----

Wooten is we believe soon going to be dealing with a higher authority for his documented criminality and interstate frauds

Which mandate that cases where a note of issue was vacated by a judge and not restored after a year ---cplr3404 is statutory --------case automatically abandoned----------Wooten is conspiring with Burke and conning trial support in his desperation to railroad a terminally ill self-represented Jim Couri-------

Judge Paul Wooten is a thief, a liar, and we have evidence of his criminal acts of interstate fraud in concert with his part clerk Warren Rubio ----we have telephone recordings, emails and other proofs of the crimes engaged in by Joseph M. Burke, Judge Paul Wooten, disgraced Dr. John Siebert, Jack Suter and many others-------

Wooten's recent con games with Ms. Gottinger, Ms. Deborah, and others at trial support at the NYC Supreme Courthouse and his schemes to end-run uniform rules of the State of New York 202.21 and NY state civil practice laws and rules of New York State section3404 are crimes by a judge in concert with a corrupt lawyer who has robbed insurers in concert with Dr. Siebert and who has bribed, tampered and committed perjury and violated injunctions all ignored by corrupt lying judge Paul Wooten a disgrace to the judiciary----------------Judge Sherry Heitler, where are you?

It is time you get your head out of the dirt before the FBI comes calling on you-------stay tuned

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