JSC Paul Wooten ignores one of Dr John Siebert's sex-victim patients who showed up in Wooten's court to report Siebert's rogue abuses, justice is blind, but this is absurd

JSC Paul Wooten turns his back and thumbs his nose at a tax payer and citizen of New York City who has been victimized sexually and otherwise in NYC hospitals by a sociopath rogue Dr John Siebert, a litigant before Wooten. All judges are supposed to be public servants and are, we believe, mandated to hear about and react to, not ignore, criminal activities that have impacted on tax-paying citizen-victims. Whats going on judge Wooten? You seem to want to protect vulture Siebert and his corrupt lawyers and give them a windfall of Jim's money and health. They say documents don't lie, why are you ignoring the facts that Siebert is a thief? You have over fifty documents of such proof, no more cons and diversions-it is too late judge-as Scamraiders, a reporting news organization will not be robbed of its rights to free speech, free press and reporting documented corruption, courthouse abuses and corruption.

Jim Couri is and has been in hospital, Scamraiders was advised on September 24, 2010, that one of Dr John Siebert's patient victims, who has reported and provided proof of Siebert's abuse of this woman to Scamraiders on her own, decided to travel a few days ago to the Wooten courtroom at 80 Centre Street NYC. She has been following all reports posted on Scamraiders and became alarmed about Jim's safety regarding disclosure of his hospitals and doctors. This Siebert victim was abused and molested by Siebert in a hospital and Jim was required to enter UCLA under assumed names because of the threats, harassment and abuses by Siebert and his thug lawyers: Kenneth Gomez, Joseph M. Burke and George Pavia.

The lady met clerk Warren Rubio, who refused to allow this citizen of New York City and taxpayer access to a presiding judge in order to report criminal conduct. Then she said she wanted to file a statement outlining Siebert's criminal sex, molesting and threatening acts so that JSC Wooten would take some action to protect New York City citizens from a vulture sociopathic doctor. The lady spent the time writing the disclosure. After leaving the statement with Mr. Rubio, the victim left the court. The following day she left a voice mail for Jim Couri, telling him of her visit to Wooten's court. She then advised Scamraiders' operations of her courthouse visit.

Jim, from hospital called Rubio on September 24, 2010 seeking under FOIA, a copy of the woman's disclosure that she wrote and left with Rubio, Jim tells Scamraiders and others that Rubio claims he sent the document back to the Siebert victim.

Shocking? Damn right!! A judge with seemingly unclean-hands, who has exhibited lying, wanton and outrageous activities along with disdain for the rules of law and the US Constitution, now turns his back on a woman who was molested and abused by a litigant doctor who has robbed many including Jim Couri, Ben Ossman, Ms C. Zimmerman, Richard Jacobs, US Trust, Chase, Fleet, Audi and other lenders and the IRS. A doctor who has molested many and was fired from NYU Medical Center for sex abuses, who is under investigation by New York State Health, the IRS and other agencies for insurance fraud, etc. What the heck is going on in this New York courthouse? Does Wooten condone rapes, thefts and tax evasion? Can some of these judges be so greedy and malicious-it looks like-'screw the law and due-process', as Wooten has displayed conduct that is about as logical as the Marx Brothers or Abbott & Costello. JSC Wooten has exhibited third-rate trickster manipulation of the law and the JSC Beeler's injunction and a penchant for ambush and railroading that is transparent and atrocious. Now JSC Wooten thumbs his nose at a New York citizen who has the moxie to come forward to expose a thief and a rapist, Judge Wooten does nothing!!!!.

We at Scamraiders have assembled proof of JSC Wooten's patterns and specific deceptions that can not be couched as anything other than intentional, willful, and scheme to rob due process from Jim and rob Jim's money that Siebert agreed to pay, thus causing severe damage to Jim and many others. Wooten has tried to abuse his roll to set-up and railroad Jim by deception, manipulation of the law and unwarranted outlaw activities. This and other evidence Scamraiders has in its possession displays bullyism and trickster activities spawning from the unified courthouse by outlaw and scalliwag bad-eggs. This of course is very sad, but the proofs do not lie.

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