JSC Paul Wooten now orders trial support clerks not to speak to Jim Couri

JSC Paul Wooten in his last gasp to rook Jim Couri by courthouse swindles now orders trial support clerks not to speak to Jim Couri or his representatives-----they are told to direct Jim to the office of pro-se persons--an insult for a man who received accolades from courts, prosecutors and federal judges for 40 years----even accolades from Judge Madden in numerous of her flawed decisions

JSC Paul Wooten in a scheme to discredit Jim Couri and cover up his carpet bagging swindles and criminal scheme to place a case on the trial calendar that has no note of issue or certificate of readiness and that was as a matter of law and statute disposed, and abandoned by virtue of CPLR 3404--and non-compliance with uniform rule 202.21(a)-(f)--------

Wooten is an incompetent and liar as no case can be restored to the trial calendar after a judge vacates a flawed note of issue, a year passes and no motion by a party is made during the year to restore the case with affidavit from a party with first-hand knowledge as to why the case should be restored and all reasons why the case has merit--------

Wooten has recruited the very persons who have bribed him but the counterclaims have no-merit, they were released 5 times and they are barred by the settlement agreements signed by Siebert -

Most significant a year passed from when the flawed/forged note of issue was struck by JSC Stallman and no timely motion made------

CPLR3404 is automatic and the case is automatically stricken from the calendar and marked 'disposed'-----this was done and Wooten wants to rewrite the law, and steal justice of his unjust agenda-----

He has now tried to deprive Jim and his agents from talking to trial support-------but trial support via Margie, Gottinger, Deborah, Steve and others have revealed the facts to Mr. Couri's representatives over the past week and admitted much---------

Jim Couri is at hospital in cancer treatment and has been adversely impacted by JSC Wooten's extortion, scoundrel conduct, lies, fraud and railroading schemes and Wooten's collusion with burke/Siebert and tampering with clerks and convincing them to commit crimes by ignoring the uniform rules and CPLR--------

The motion support clerks already 'let the cat out of the bag' and they admitted to Wooten's lowlife tampering with court files and records demands and swindles to forge the court scroll, records, and comments------

Judge Wooten---- no one can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear----not even judge Paul Wooten------stay tuned----

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