Judge Joan Madden put in the pocket of George Pavia Esq.

Judge Joan Madden put in the pocket of George Pavia Esq. embarked on a program of deceit, dishonesty, betrayal of trust, fraud and corruption-----

Madden rewrote statutes, ignored perjury, ignored findings by other courts determining that George and Antonia Pavia committed perjury, forgery and false filings at NY state and city agencies and Madden who concocted charades, ambushes and false swearings by Pavia stooges misused her judicial position to rob and plunder Jim Couri's rights and targeted Jim by 'reaching' her bandit-black-robe=pals to allow Pavia and his bag-man Kenneth V. Gomez to steal $230,000.00 in liened medical recoveries due to Jim and Medicare-------

Madden's acts have been well documented and her flouting the law, Jims health and turning a 'blind-eye' to the Pavia-Gomez extortion, threats and bribery-----------go get -em Joan Madden ,but this time you have been caught with your hand, nose and foot in the 'can of worms'-- many are on to you and your corrupt alliances----------stay tuned

Madden Missing in Action?

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