Judge Judith J. Gische
George Pavia, Esq.
The “Honorable” Judge Gische, former New York Housing Court Judge, buddy of the infamous JSC Joan Madden, is now a “busy bee” in Supreme Court New York thanks to the maneuvers and “appointment” by the controversial then Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman. The record reveals that Judge Lippman rarely gives his “wink-nod” to non “company players”. Judge Gische’s Decision of September 21, 2009, conveniently “gifts” to Gomez/Pavia over $200,000.00 in
Leona "The Queen of Mean" Helmsley
Jim Couri’s Medical settlements, while her Court curiously circumvents and ignores:
a) The Statutory liens of Medicare
b) Jim Couri’s Right to Due Process and a Hearing
c) Well-documented perjury of George Pavia’s lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez
d) Forgery

This supposed “Decision” appears to have been crafted to permit the “legal” theft of $230,000.00: Jim Couri’s malpractice settlement sum from medical negligence arising out of a misdiagnosed malignant melanoma. The culprits? Kenneth Gomez, the front-man for the accounts of George Pavia, Leona Helmsley Enterprises, and Gomez/Siebert/Burke. What do they all have in common? Why ban together against Jim? Could it be because Jim was the person who uncovered and pursued each of their corrupt illegal activities. Thus, this “crooked gang” made a desperate alliance. The evidence reveals that this claim seems obvious.

Now JSC. Gische, not only systematically deprived Jim of a fair unbiased proceeding, she circumvented Medicare’s Statutory Liens on the recoveries of monies for medical services that Medicare paid out arising out of Jim’s misdiagnosed cancer. Pretty strange? (See Gomez/Medicare Articles in Scamraiders Archives).

Judge Gische’s Decision reads in part: “Mr. Couri is simply not happy”

Jim states, “Only an idiot would be happy observing the wrongful conversion of over $200,000.00 of ‘blood money’ allowing documented acts of: fraud, corruption and tampering”. Now one would ask why would this Judge do this? Here are a few probabilities:

a) Judge Gische, we have heard, is an old pal of Judge Joan Madden, both of whom “made their bones” in Housing Court NYC where most “Judges” begin (see Scamraiders Archive Articles about JSC Madden, and Judges).

b) “The Old Boys Club” is still well entrenched. George Pavia, JSC Madden’s ally/pal, has orchestrated the scam. Gomez is, based on evidence, Pavia’s minion and stooge.

c) The Unified Courthouse is polluted with favoritism, bias, and very sadly corruption.

d) JSC Gische is maybe overworked and under paid.

Scamraiders has found some interesting data about this Judge Judith Gische from, a judicial rating service. Although there are a few favorable entries, here are the lion’s share of the ratings regarding Judge Gische:

1. Was paid off by my ex who perjured himself -- Very Bad
2. What a joke -- Very Bad
3.Very Bad
4. Manhattan Transfer -- Very Bad
5. Ignorance is the only excuse I can give -- Very Bad
6. Very Bad
7. To the seller of the Brooklyn Bridge -- Very Bad
8. Simply a disgrace -- Very Bad
9. This Judge is not the brightest -- Very Bad

Sadly, this New York Unified Court System that citizens are straddled with is “Very Bad” since it appears that “without a fixer, you are fixed”! ---we would use the more appropriate four-letter word, but it’s not allowed on Scamraiders.

Why did Judge Gische not even attempt to Order a hearing to get to the facts? With over $200 thousand dollars and serious factual questions of perjury, fraud and forgery, Justice Gische, after 5 months on sitting on these facts, unbelievably turned over to Kenneth Gomez/George Pavia et-al these significant medical malpractice sums belonging to Jim Couri, which are also subject to Statutory Liens in favor of the United State Government (Medicare).

Why would an intelligent unbiased judge do this without an ounce of Due Process, live testimony and careful review of evidentiary material? Possibly Justice Gische, being trained in the Housing Court, is unaware of Medicare’s Statutory Liens on ALL medical malpractice claims. Justice Gische has also turned her back on Mr. Gomez’s perjury, and a forged phony supposed Jim Couri confession of judgment/judgment, held by Leona Helmsley Enterprises for over 14 years, and never pursued. More than suspect? All A-Ok with JSC Gische so long as the “insiders” get the money.

Based on the hundreds of pages of documents and mole/informant reports, the Unified Courthouse in New York unfortunately appears to be infected by some corrupt, spiteful abusers of the Rules of Law. Regretfully, it seems these black-robbed “elite” continue to manipulate our laws and condone the too numerous corrupt lawyers who bribe, cheat, suppress evidence, and suborn perjury. Of course, now Mr. Gomez, Pavia et al will be responsible to Medicare/Inspector General’s Office and Mr. Jim Couri for double penalties and other claims and liabilities. Meanwhile be very cautious BEFORE you enter these Courts, and try and find a sharp lawyer. Why not face it here and now, the Courthouse is contaminated with SOME very perverted actors, but even with these noxious fumes there are a few decent people around. Just keep in mind you can’t play a legitimate poker hand against a stacked deck.


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