Judge Luis Gonzalez of the Appellate Division First Department accused of lying on mortgage documents and of nepotism at the famed courthouse

The Appellate Division 1st Dept NYC seems to be more of a 'playground' than a court of justice seemingly turning a blind eye and condoning slickster back room antics, old boys deals and reported lies, deception, bias and worse.

Presiding Judge Luis Gonzalez is just another of former Gov Patterson appointees to the courts in NYC

A usual yet farcical appointment system in new york state for judges as recently outlined by federal Judge John Gleeson of the eastern district.

Judge Luis A. Gonzales

Take a look at the current expose reported in the NY post on 3/27/11 and on 'expose corrupt courts' regarding judge Luis Gonzalez are there more rotten deals?

Much now we hear are being revealed by disgusted clerks and 'on the inside' who see how the law is butchered by alleged bias and misconduct by some of the appellate judges.

Boss Tweed and Carmine DeSapio seem to be alive and well.

 Not surprising, just more of the same self dealing and worse.

Sad, very sad. We want to believe in the integrity of our courts and judges and we live in faith and hope.

Meanwhile please take a look at full New York Post article and reports as to the current supposed Judge Gonzalez bad acts at the Appellate Division 1st Department NYC posted below . . .


Expose Corrupt Courts


New York Post

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