Judge Paul Wooten--- a penny-ante Brooklyn con-man

Judge Paul Wooten--- a penny-ante Brooklyn con-man who kissed enough asses and sold out to the Brooklyn cronies to buy a judgeship and hi hopes for the yellow brick road to corruption nirvana. From the bowels of L&T court on Court Street, Brooklyn to big deal bribery and fraud to rip off $20 million for a sex vulture Dr. Siebert and a fascist mob front lawyer George Pavia and his extortion crew engaged in crimes and RICO collusion and frauds---- is a liar who violates injunction himself and engages in fraud to cover up his illegal acts of corruption, bias and frauds--- the Bernard Madoff of the courthouse----he is a liar, a fraudster, a back-room dealmaker and a person devoid of honor and integrity--he has violated the rights under the u s constitution, manipulated due process and turned a blind eye to corruption, perjury, collusion and bribery. Wooten has embraced and participated in fraud, spoliation of evidence and interstate fraud as part of a scheme to railroad and rob Jim Couri who is terminally ill with stage 4 cancer and other grave medical conditions---part of a scheme to rob Jim of $20 million unconditionally due to him from sex vulture thief Dr. John Siebert and a scheme to gag Scamraiders for its reporting and exposes of the rampant corruption, bribery and fraud systemic in the NY Unified Courthouse---

Judge Paul Wooten is a penny ante pure and corrupt sociopath a liar and a disgrace to the rules of law----

Wooten is a Brooklyn thug near-do-well-a pavement pounder on Jerolimon Street-Court Street Brooklyn who manipulated himself into the black robes of the Unified Courts by as kissing ass and back room deal-making with the new 'old-boys' of Brooklyn

Now Paul Wooten wants the big leagues of courthouse bribery, railroading, ambushes, and criminality the man is a thug, dangerous and a dangerous person-and $20 million is a big prize---sex vulture, perjurer, pedophile Dr. John Siebert and his corrupt lawyer joseph m Burke ----

Judge Wooten your cover up of collusion, referee Jack Suter and your antics are on tape and in emails and your Rubio thug is also a proved stooge-buffer for your corruption and sandbagging ----

We as Scamraiders----threats or not, extortion and intimidation are going to peel away Wooten, Rubio, Pavia, Siebert Burke Gomez, Madden, Suter and more crimes one at a time until all of you are exposed and we have the proof -

So judge Wooten we at Scamraiders are ready for your larcenous ambushes remember---what goes around is what comes around -and Scamraiders despises anyone who robs the public trust and tries to rob justice and litigants -

No matter for Wooten---he is a hatchet man and a disgrace---a crooked judge who engages in lies deception, fraud and worse -

JSC Wooten himself violated the very JSC Beeler 12-12-05 injunction he rapes Jim on --

Wooten colludes with Joseph M. Burke on July 16, 2010 ex parte, to rob and plunder Jim and rob free speech and rights to due process and the us constitution - Wooten ignores the injunction and

Wooten signs a Burke/Siebert OSC-motion to hold Jim in contempt but ignores the mandates of the injunction

Wooten ignores any conference call to Jim and ignores any hearings --Wooten covers up his 'jail-house' justice by lies and deception there was no compliance to the conditions of the injunction----

Wooten refuses to consent to Jim's over 16 requests for conference calls to comply with injunction of 12-12-05 make his motions and thereafter denies Jim's motions for supposed refusal to comply with the injunction ---

Wooten deprives Jim access to the courts by fraud deception and criminality in concert with corrupt lawyer joseph m Burke---

Jim Couri's over 16 phone requests to comply with injunction terms to the Wooten's court via part clerk Rubio all rejected by Rubio and Wooten ----

-Wooten has denied the very motions that he refused to provide Jim phone compliance -this is judicial fraud, larceny, collusion and criminality

Scamraiders has the proof of Wooten's interstate frauds by fraud via phones, faxes mails and in the published Wooten decisions in case 107240/04 and related cases, and appellate cases----Couri vs Siebert et al that Wooten knows are intentional lies, deception and RICO style fraud --

Wooten has and continues to rob Jim by his willful corrupt illegal acts and has conspired with criminals Burke, Siebert Gomez and others for a back room pay-day by robbing due process and shrouding the facts and the truth but Wooten has been caught and we will expose his cesspool of criminality---

But we believe that Wooten is dangerous and desperate as his conduct reveals acts of a sick sociopath on a crusade -into the deep water of corruption and the dark alleys of criminality at 60 Centre Street NYC ---

Wooten is a disgrace and a transparent fraud, liar and thief in black robes who utters lies and deception like a man without any integrity and who simply wants to and has raped and plundered the rules of law --

Wooten is and has cheated and is a thug hiding in a courtroom ---- his acts prove his pattern of criminality ----Wooten has embraced extortion, fraud, perjury and kangaroo-railroading and fraudulent phony justice ----

No one called Jim Couri on July 16, 2010 to discuss the motion of Siebert/Burke signed by Wooten ---

Now the scam and cover-up by corrupt dangerous Judge Wooten compliments of Gov. Patterson and his cronies

Wooten illegally signs an OSC-motion for lawyer Burke on July 16, 2010 without any compliance with the mandates of Beeler's injunction order----

Re: conference call with Jim and all parties, Burke and Wooten on the phone to discuss the need and merits of the proposed motion --

This never occurred as mandated in the Beeler injunction order and Wooten’s claim in a decision filed July 13,2011 that the subject --- 'defendants OSC-motion met the requirements and is in compliance with the injunction' - is an outright lie, perjury and criminal acts by a judge and proves that Wooten is a corrupt judge devoid of integrity ---

Wooten is we believe is dangerous and deranged to believe that his corruption, lies, tampering, phony bias decisions will be gotten away with

What happened to the contempt motion made by Jim judge Wooten? What happened to the hearings? ---

Wooten we can confirm even called Burke for legal advice---did you not? As to no hearings necessary on contempt? More jailhouse justice? -

Scamraiders are referring all of these crimes to the FBI and the DOJ----
RICO ---civil and criminal will be next -

Wooten is a fool and a disgrace --

Wooten is plain and simple a phony, and is dangerous--

The FBI we are told have Wooten on their radar

He will be more center-stage shortly as Scamraiders is a internet reporting agency whose exposes have aided many citizens and we will not be extorted by the very crooks and corrupt we have exposed -

War is war and Scamraiders will be seeking redress for Wooten’s crimes along with corrupt perjurers and thieves Siebert, Burke, Gomez, Pavia, and others ----

Scamraiders has no nexus to New York and Wooten's acts are simply part of his extortion and intimidations of a sick litigant -Jim Couri

Wooten is a thief, a fraud and a bully

Paul Wooten is a Bernie Madoff in black robes

Scamraiders has evidence of Wooten’s corrupt acts and attempted railroading of Jim Couri over interstate phones in a 'status-conference' called by Wooten on Sept 1, 2010. On that phone proceeding Wooten lied and lied again trying to railroad Jim by falsely and repeatedly claiming that he tried to call Jim and Jim refused to return the court's attempts to contact Jim. -this was a fraud as Wooten had no answer when Jim questioned as to who? When? Where? Any calls were made

This was a set up. In fact, from May 2010 until November, Jim called Wooten's court and implored his part clerk Warren Rubio for a conference with Wooten---each time the requests were rejected

Jim was seeking compliance to the 12-12-05 injunction.----

Meanwhile Siebert and Burke had engaged in ex parte communications with the Wooten court, and on July 16, 2010 in violation of the mandates of the Beeler injunction which required a telephone conference ---with all parties on the phone with the judge---including joseph m Burke to seek and obtain approval for ---all motions--- filed a supposed 'contempt motion'-

No such conference was made and Wooten in violation of the injunction signed the motion to hold Jim in contempt for the freedom of press and work Scamraiders was doing to expose the corruption in the NY courts and expose the criminal acts of Dr. John Siebert and his co-conspirators

Wooten violated the injunction along with Siebert and Burke on July 16, 2010 and then Wooten tried to whitewash his larceny over the phones on Sept. 1, 2010 by trying fraud.--

Now the proof of Wooten's corruption is revealed in toto and in color----

After Jim wrote Wooten on 6-30-11 seeking justice---Wooten writes decisions rejecting Jim's motions claiming he failed to obtain permission per the injunction of 12-12-05----

Except Jim has proof that he tried to seek
A conference call and was rejected by Wooten and Rubio ---

Then Wooten writes a decision filed July 13, 2011----
Stating an outright lie----

"Finally, defendant’s motion for contempt (motion sequence 59) met the requirements of Justice Beeler's order and therefore Plaintiff's motion herein is without merit."

This is outright fraud and an extension of the ongoing Wooten/Siebert/Burke/Gomez/Pavia larceny fraud and collusion in this case ---Couri vs Siebert index 107240/04 and related cases. These courts have been engaged in corruption and it seems threats and even reported murders.----

At no time did Wooten call Jim Couri for any conference call re the Beeler injunction of 12-12-05 before Siebert and Burke made the bogus OSC-motion---Wooten’s claim of 'compliance' is clear and convincing proof of his willingness to engage in corruption and criminal acts to derail justice and fair play----

Wooten has systematically stolen Jim's access to the courts by fraud and deception and refusal to comply with the mandates of the Beeler order and the U.S. Constitution----

Wooten is a disgrace and is part of a massive RICO 'indictment' for corruption, bribery and worse -

Possibly Wooten will be rewarded for his corruption acts and will get a free face lift compliments of disgraced sex vulture and accused pedophile Dr. John Siebert

Rather Wooten as part of the ambush and scam tried to con Jim and the rules of law on Sept. 1, 2010 to whitewash the illegal motion -

Then Wooten dismisses Jim's motions for supposed failure to comply with the same injunction that Wooten/Burke/Siebert/ ignored -

Meanwhile Wooten deprived Jim access to the courts to seek justice and to seek compliance on all prior defendants motions made and decided illegally ---

This time Wooten’s hocus-pocus, corruption and frauds have gone too far ---

The us constitution, freedom of speech cannot be deprived --- and penalties for a judge’s illegal acts of deception, interstate fraud and collusion with litigants cannot be ignored---

We want to see how this Wooten can claim that the July 16, 2010 Burke motion 'met the requirements' of the Beeler injunction ---as no conference call predated the making of it ---and Wooten's answer to his documented scheme of interstate lies and 'sand-bagging' Jim Couri on Sept. 1, 2010 in a supposed 'status conference' called as such by Wooten

Wooten is now playing fast and loose with the laws of America, the constitution and the rights and reputation of a self-represented terminally ill Jim Couri

Wooten is by his own words engages in fraud and deprivation of due-process

Most significant the subject OSC-motion #59 tries to deprive Scamraiders free speech blaming Jim Couri for fair, reporting although Jim has nothing to do with Scamraiders and Scamraiders is not a party to the Siebert case --

The cats and failure to act by Wooten and his lies put him in the elite arena as a bad-ass thief as bad as or worse than Bernie Madoff

Madoff stole billions---but Wooten hiding behind a front as a judge in his black robes has a 'black-heart', is a proved thief, fraud, liar and engaging in a systematic scheme to rob Jim Couri's $20 million, deprive unfettered access to the courts, cover-up corruption, perjury, spoliation of proofs and cover-up ex parte tampering and collusion documented and engaged in by Wooten himself, Rubio and Burke and Siebert ---

This is getting worse and Wooten more desperate to gag Scamraiders, and further injure Jim Couri and his health by Wooten’s extortion of the law and lies ----

Jim is ill and not paying attention to Wooten's frauds and minutia he is trying to stay alive

Wooten has ignored that Jim has been threatened by Siebert and his mob pals mandating Jim to enter hospitals under assumed names

Judge Wooten you are not getting away with your corrupt acts and lies and condoning the well-proved illegal acts engaged in by Siebert/Burke and others

The relevant exhibits are posted below for review

Letter to JSC Paul Wooten

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