Judge Paul Wooten and his clerk Warren Rubio engage in more interstate fraud

Judge Paul Wooten and his clerk Warren Rubio engage in more interstate fraud on phones from the Wooten courtroom in the Unified Courthouse NYC

Clerk Warren Rubio on June 28, 2011 from the courthouse and on courthouse phone lines- in a scheme to deprive Jim Couri from causing the delivering of an important and factually detailed letter- and two exhibits to it- to the court. Rubio lies and fabricates to Jim that Wooten had issued orders that he will not accept any letters unless Wooten learns in advance the letters contents and pre-approved the delivery. -a despicable fraud on a self-represented ill plaintiff who is being deprived of over $20million in notes, guarantees, etc. due to Jim and issued by disgraced Dr. John Siebert, a now proven perjurer, sex vulture and healthcare insurance thief and accused pedophile.

Rubio with intent to deceive- falsely and fraudulently over interstate instrumentalities- claimed that these supposed Wooten orders were issued June 1, 2011 in writing as part of Wootens 'new court rules'-Rubio refused the letter-now exhibited on homepage on 6-28-11-

Jim's assistant obtained the supposed rules and in fact Rubio willfully and intentionally outright lied to Jim over interstate phone lines on June 28, 2011-

The supposed Wooten 'new rules' do not preclude letters-

They preclude 'motions by letter' and preclude 'faxes'-

Judges must be accessible to litigants- after all this is America.

Yet Rubio obviously in concert with the court-ie Wooten himself- lied to Jim over interstate phones refusing the letter and concocting and engaging in fraud and deception over interstate phone lines from the court-- lying that the Wooten order precludes acceptance of all letters-and in the process being threatening and abusive-

Rubio also lied to Jim's messenger making the same false claims.-

Rubio fabricated non-existing court orders to deprive Jim from properly communicating with JSC Wooten.

The letter and exhibits were thereafter hand delivered to the central mail-room of the courthouse, stamped by the court mail room and directed to Judge Wooten-

And copy of Jim Couri's letter and exhibits by hand directed to judge Sherry Klein Heitler the supposed ‘administrative judge’ in NYC Unified Courthouse-

Ms. Judge Heitler has ignored and turned her back on Jim's pleas with proof positive of these documented crimes of Wooten, Burke and Siebert and others and Heitler and her chambers have been a detriment and of no help to resolve and stop the corruption, collusion and the Wooten paper trail of documented negligence, violations of law and frauds. Heitler has also ignored proof of Siebert's systematic perjury, lawyer Burke's suborning perjury, contempt of injunction over 12 times, spoliation and probable bribery and ex parte collusion with Referee Jack Suter-appointed in violation of an injunction and who conspired with Burke and caught by illegal emails-- all ignored up to now by the cesspool/charades at the Unified Courthouse in NYC and shockingly by its administrative Judge S. K. Heitler.--

Judge Sherry Klein Heitler- do you condone these illegal acts by your judges and lawyers who contaminate the courthouse barrel?

See letter and exhibits on home page posted 6-28-11.

The letters were time stamped by the mail-room of the courthouse-

We will see what ostrich Wooten does but one thing is sure Rubio lied repeatedly and his phone call from Jim revealed Rubio not only lying but nasty, abusive, demanding conduct to a self-represented terminally ill litigant-

Rubio's conduct over interstate phone lines was fraudulent and that of a hired thug- not a supposed public-servant and a clerk of a judge. Rather Rubio engaged in a scheme of deception to deprive legitimate communications with a judge engaged in irregular conduct-

Just more corruption at the NY Unified Courthouse-

Take a look at the Wooten June 1, 2011 rules that will be posted on homepage 6-29-11- the Unified Courthouse is a disgrace and needs a extermination as some of these installees in black robes and their henchmen are worse than Carlo Gambino and his crew-

Many of these black robed bandits hide behind supposed justice but in reality -there ain’t no justice in the polluted waters of the unified courts-there are fixes, back-room deals and possibly even contract murders-see the Sunny Shiu case

And see how Rubio schemed and lied in order to deprive Jim his legal and constitutional rights in concert with a judge on the run caught engaging in fraud, deception and railroading a citizen violating federal and state laws-stay tuned-

June 1 2011 Wooten Rules

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