Judge Paul Wooten and his part clerk Warren Rubio engage in deceit, dishonesty, fraud

Judge Paul Wooten and his part clerk Warren Rubio engage in deceit, dishonesty, fraud and betrayal of trust including secreting from Unified Court scroll records a vacated forged note of issue/certificate of readiness in Jim Couri vs Siebert index 107240/04 and illegally schedule a trial----more corruption
Judge Paul Wooten has displayed a modus-operandi of a despicable cheat, liar and fraud---

We have him on tape systematically lying and scheming to defraud Jim Couri in a court proceeding over interstate phones----this is a federal crime----

Now Wooten again misusing the internet hides the fact that a bogus and forged note of issue in the Jim Couri case illegally filed by Joseph M. Burke in 2006 and then in violation of no post-note motions continued to make motions not only in violation of a filed note of issue but also in violation of the 12-12-05 Beeler injunction-------

Jim Couri in April 2009, learning of the illegal note of issue, moved to have it vacated--------

In October 2009, Judge Stallman in fact vacated the Burke/Siebert forged note of issue-------
Without a legally executed, served and filed note of issue/certificate of readiness swearing under oath all discovery and all disputed matters are complete no trial can be scheduled------

In this case and Couri v Siebert --113512/08, discovery has been stonewalled by Burke/Siebert---when Jim was in NYC and not yet terminally ill, Burke violated orders from HSC Heitler and Referee Bernard Fields---then Burke/Siebert bribed and engaged in ex parte clandestine, corrupt acts with Jack Suter-----

Regardless, no trial can be set until a note of issue/certificate of readiness is properly filed ------here Wooten, as part of his railroading of Jim Couri who Wooten also knows is terminally ill cant travel and has severe congestive heart disease, illegally schedules a trial----

More ambushes to rob jim couri's $20million

Wooten and his part clerk, Rubio, are engaged in tampering with court records as Unified Courthouse motion support and trial support are wondering how a trial is scheduled without a note of issue and are wondering why the vacature of a forged note of issue was secreted and not places on the comments and scroll of the internet court records-----

This is a significant document and its vacature extremely important----

More betrayal of trust from the Wooten court------stay tuned

7-21-2011 Letter to JSC Wooten

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