Judge Paul Wooten has secreted the entire court file in case 107240/04

Judge Paul Wooten (a now proven liar and ambush bully) and according to NYC Unified Court clerks at Supreme Court 60 Centre Street NYC has secreted the entire court file in case 107240/04---Jim Couri vs John Siebert and that Wooten on his own in violation of uniform court rules and CPLR illegally restored the case after Judge Michael Stallman vacated a forged and incomplete and improper note of issue and after the case was properly marked 'disposed' pursuant to CPLR 3404-----why?


Because it appears by Wooten's lies, interstate frauds in a court proceeding, tampering with court records and files and ignoring Siebert's and attorney Burke's violations of an injunction documented perjury, tampering and collusion-------Wooten has either been bribed or he is a raving idiot-----either way he doesn’t belong in the roll of a judge-----we at Scamraiders after we launched our investigation into Wooten's corruption are convinced that Wooten is a con-man a slickster and a finagler who has been compromised to rob Jim Couri's $20million due to him and to gag Scamraiders----Wooten has displayed a blatant disregard for the rules of law and is a in our opinion a bad-ass thief and a disgrace to the judiciary--who like the thug he is has extorted and intimidated self-represented litigants including Jim Couri to obtain unjust rewards by fraudulent judicial actions-------the clerks at trial support and motion support have told our investigators that the Stallman order vacating the note of issue was secreted from the court 'scroll' and 'comments'------motion sequence #40 dated sept30,2019 and filed Oct 2009--------


Since then no note of issue has been filed and without it's being filed and not rejected no case can be put on the trial calendar----Wooten the phony writes his own rules by manipulating the law to rob Jim who is self-represented, terminally ill and cannot travel--and is in cancer care in California------Wooten is a despicable dishonest person who is on the radar of the FBI and the DOJ--------stay tuned

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