Judge Paul Wooten is he a cheat? And is he corrupt?

Is he marked with cronyism back-room deal-making old-boys stinko sell-out judge--an old-hack Brooklyn-court-street knock around who sold out for a set of $50.00 black robes?-----you decide

Old-boy Paul Wooten is a resourceful guy. For years he was bumping along in the l and t court in Brooklyn, scouring for a few bucks here and there. Then Paul decided to try for Brooklyn district attorney. Remember, this is Brooklyn, NY. The old boys in the cigar-chomping back rooms of Jerolimin Street had other ideas. So it seems a deal was struck--Wooten removes his hat for da, and he is given a unified court judgeship---first in Kings County, Brooklyn then in the Big Apple in NYC.

Seems that the FBI became intrigued by the Wooten 'two-step' along with State Senator Sampson------oh there is a Sampson working for Wooten---same family? Well Wooten, true to form, dons his black robes in the Louie Lefkowitz Bldg. at 80 Centre Street - a fitting place as old Louie was an SLA lawyer before joining the boys in Brooklyn, and Carmine DeSapio, Johnny crews, Jud Morehouse and Marty Epstein----the older group of old boys in Brooklyn who have now gone to Shangri-La.

Paul Wooten gets the Jim Couri vs John Siebert case no doubt along with his 'marching orders' after JSC Michael Stallman tries to con Jim with orders that violate an injunction and with appointment of a corrupt referee Jack Suter who engages in ex parte conspiracy with Siebert's corrupt/perjurer-lawyer joseph m Burke by illegal ex-parte emails and self-styled orders written by Burke for Suter while both were conspiring by email with each other to screw Jim who was 4000 miles away in surgery------

Corruption/RICO in living color---- all in violation of law and the injunction. -----so far no one is in jail ----yet. Bully Suter is still operating according to witnesses a card room in Brooklyn---illegally? Some say yes---and Suter is we are told harassing many-----some hell of a court referee------

We need Carlo Gambino and John Gotti---then we’ll know where we are not phonies hiding behind the guise of justice----what justice do you mean? Fixes and robbery with a pen?

then Wooten begins a rampant scheme by first denying Jim's summary judgment motion although Siebert had waved all defenses and issued unconditional notes, guarantees and other obligations. Then Wooten vacates and denies other of Jim's motions citing the injunction yet on Jim's motions refuses to direct the vacature of all motions and flawed decisions generated in violation of the injunction.---

Then Wooten refuses to recuse himself, refuses to decide the detailed facts confirming Siebert's rampant perjury, and then orders a status conference for Sept. 1, 2010 while Jim was in cancer treatment and during that telephonic court proceeding lies and cons Jim concocting a scam that Jim failed to respond to the Wooten court demands by ignoring Wooten-court phone calls to Jim's office. When Jim hit Wooten with questions as to who called? When? To what phone? Etc. Wooten's scam sunk like the titanic as it was an outright ambush and attempted railroading meanwhile the Wooten scam was to try and insulate Siebert/Burke and their rampant perjury and violations of the injunction and resultant contempt. ---

Jim ordered the transcript of the sand-bag hearing---a transcript Wooten objected to having made in the first place----the transcript oddly consists of missing Wooten statements and his direct attempt to con and manipulate an ill pro-se litigant and aid in the rooking of $20million that Siebert unconditionally owes Jim----

JSC Wooten in fact engaged in interstate fraud and deception and a obvious cover-up by a doctored transcript------as we have a full audio of the entire hearing---a public court proceeding thus permitted to record.

Meanwhile old-boy Wooten is sitting on dozens of motions demanding his removal for cause, sanctions and vacature of all illegal decisions/orders generated due to Siebert/Burke secretion from the sitting judges and referees that the motions were illegal and in violation of the injunction. Contempt and vacature of Burke's appeal grounded on yet another illegal motion and decision. -----

Tricky Siebert/Burke intentionally defrauded the Appellate Division 1st Dept. by omitting the Beeler 12-12-05 injunction from his appeal record---yet another fraud on the court and on Jim Couri who was in hospital undergoing cancer and cardiac surgery. -----

JSC Wooten was engaged in interstate fraud in a scam to rob Jim Couri of his rights and shroud the Burke/Siebert violations of an injunction-----

Is Wooten unclean? Is he corrupt? We will see how Wooten tries to unravel the corrupt acts as Wooten and his boys acts are not new to the FBI and the Justice Department------ Wooten is caught with his had in the cookie jar engaging in corruption, fraud and deception and tried to cover it up------crimes?---we will see ----

Meanwhile, we have heard from other suspect and concerned litigants who have been, according to them, lied to and 'sand-bagged' by tricky judge Paul Wooten, some pro-se, and even a kid on a tricycle -------Judge Wooten there are no secrets -----you ought to know this after all your from Brooklyn--------------your file is growing but your lying, cheating and interstate fraud days are over--------

JSC Wooten-----why not recuse yourself from the bench--- as your now well documented interstate frauds and cover-up may be federal crimes?

Scams Inc./Scamraiders is dedicated to putting these RICO acts and courthouse swindles in the public domain and in the hands of federal law enforcement-------------stay tuned

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