Judge Paul Wooten of the NY Unified Courts - you are a disgrace to the rules of law, integrity and the premise of honor in the courts of the United States of America

Judge Paul Wooten of the NY Unified Courts - you are a disgrace to the rules of law, integrity and the premise of honor in the courts of the United States of America

You have condoned, deceived, turned a blind eye, and engaged in rampant violations of law in part by permitting the rampant perjury, corruption, intentional violations of injunction, clear and convincing fraud over interstate phone lines all to cover-up the crimes and frauds on the court by defendant and disgraced Dr. John Siebert and corrupt lawyer Joesph M. Burke.

Judge Wooten, we at Scams Inc. call for your removal/recusal in the Couri vs Siebert cases and demand that you answer to your interstate lies and fraud over the phones in a court hearing called by you and conducted interstate involving Mr. Couri , Burke, Siebert and you. The fraud and corruption involved in these Siebert-Burke-Couri matters, on careful scrutiny, is and has been so well documented and egregious, Scams Inc. intends to provide federal law enforcement all evidence of the rampant corruption, fraud, tampering and collusion, resulting in deprivation of Mr. Couri's rights under the U.S. Constitution and an orchestrated theft of Mr. Couri's $20 million, due from Siebert and confirmed by notes, agreements, guarantees etc.

You, Judge Wooten, by your acts and failure to act, inconsistent decisions, telephonic railroadings and lies and your failure to render equal justice involving violations of injunction by Burke-Siebert, reveals your willingness to violate the rules of law, lie and cheat - classic RICO violations.

Judge, 'The Big Lie' is over - you may want to refer to the rules and obligations of judges and read the United States Constitution and the Constitution of NY State, but you conduct is at best a disgrace, transparent and possibly criminal as to your intentional lies over interstate phones and someone's tampering with a court transcript of the subject hearing of Sept. 1, 2010

Judge Paul Wooten, the time is at hand, as they say: 'you can fool some people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time . . .'

Scamraiders and Scams Inc call for your answering to your intentional frauds in a court hearing over interstate phone lines - a hearing called by you and authorized over interstate phones involving Mr. Couri, Joe Burke, Esq and rogue, disgraced, Dr. John Siebert.

We call for your recusal and removal from the Couri vs Siebert cases, as you have violated Mr. Couri's rights under the U.S. Constitution and we believe that you and others have condoned Siebert and Burke's perjury, spoliation, collusion, tampering, fraud, obstruction of justice, intentional and rampant violations of the injunction of 12-12-05 - and Siebert and Burke's defrauding the courts.

You have failed to decide motions to reverse and vacate all illegal motions made by Siebert and Burke that intentionally defrauded other judges and the appellate courts who were defrauded by Siebert and Burke's contempt of the court's injunction barring the illegal motions that they made.

Why are you sitting on your hands on motions seeking your removal for cause, Siebert and Burke's documented perjury in hearing before Referee Crespo, where Siebert intentionally secreted his criminal sex acts, hospital firings, NY state charges against him and charges that he is a healthcare thief, all confirmed by evidence.

These acts of obstructing justice, perjury, contempt of a injunction and fraud on the court and Judge Beeler by Burke and Siebert are crimes.

Judge Wooten, it is time you take your head out of the sand, and open your eyes - the gig is up . . .

It is time for you to answer for your reckless acts and interstate telephone fraud to try and deprive Mr. Couri of his legal rights yo fraud and outright lies by a sitting judge.

The pattern of Judge Wooten's acts are not just simply bias or negligence. The paper trail and the conduct of Wooten is, at best, RICO and at worst? Well, we will leave “at worst” to higher authorities . . .

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