Judge Paul Wooten of the NY Unified Court engages in bullyism, extortion, threats and fraud

Judge Paul Wooten of the NY Unified Court, and a $20million plus judicial thief, bully and sociopath-- engages in bullyism, extortion, threats and fraud to rob Jim Couri of his access to the court his constitutional rights and viciously interferes into Jims healthcare, his terminal cancer care, severe cardiac condition in a dastardly scheme to rape Jim's last breath to steal Jim's unconditional notes due to Jim from rapist thief john Siebert-----Wooten is no less a hit man than a mafia thug. He has no conscience, no integrity and is a dishonest fraud------Wooten is vying to cause Jim physical injury and death as a scheme to plunder Jim for illegal ambushes------Wooten and his court have engaged in repeated ex parte communications with Siebert lawyers joseph m burke, and Kenneth v Gomez as well as others on their behalf-----phone and email and fax records don’t lie people do-------cheating, cheating and more cheating------or did we mean collusion, corruption and interstate RICO crimes----stay tuned
Judge Paul Wooten's cheating and corrupt days are numbered-------
His deceiving courthouse clerks to rob justice and fix cases are despicable antics and crimes-------

The Federales will soon be closing in on all lying, thieving dishonest black-robe bandits sitting in the 'unified-corrupt-house'----

Whoops!!!!!----sorry---the Unified Courthouse ---------full of farcical cronyism and back-room bribery, extortion, betrayal of trust and manipulation of the rules of law-----railroading, ambushes and kangaroo court proceedings--------the only honor in some of these new york corrupt courts was flushed down the toilet with boss tweed and Jimmy walker-----long ago-------fixes, bribery and now accusations of judicial contract murders, extortion, interstate frauds, and threats------stay tuned

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