Judge Paul Wooten's conduct has been transparent and reveals trickery and fraud

Sadly, Wooten has made his bed as a corrupt judge who has conned and lied over interstate phone lines in a court proceeding, who has lied to clerks in trial support and caused a case to be restored to the trial calendar illegally, in violation of uniform rules, knowing and not revealing that no note of issue was filed and consented to by the plaintiff.

Wooten lied and cheated and secreted a judicial order, vacating in 2009 a forged and incomplete and illegal note of issue. Wooten has conned and cheated clerks in the trial support office, and clerks in the motion support office and is secreting the court files while tampering with official Couri transcripts, scroll files, comments and secreting motion sequences #30, #40 and others in a scam to rob Jim Couri out of $20 million that defendant Siebert and his lawyeras - Gilbride, Tusa, Last, Spellane - agreed to, waved defenses, issued general releases and confessed to------

Wooten's illegal acts defrauding trial support head Ms. Smith Gottinger, motion support head Ed Kavitran, engaged in systematic lies and deception taped over interstate phone lines in a kangaroo Wooten court proceeding and Wooten and part clerk's stonewalling Jim Couri over 20 times over months, depriving Jim access to the courts and motion part by ignoring the commitments and court obligations under the Beeler injunction to conduct immediate and timely telephone conference calls with all parties on the line.

Wooten's conduct violated a myriad of federal laws and constitutes criminal acts by a dangerous sociopath corrupt judge----stay tuned.

7-2011 Trial Support letter

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