Judge Paul Wooten’s unjustified and corrupt activities have caught up with him

Wooten and his conspirators including corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke, sex vulture Dr. John Siebert, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and George Pavia, Esq. have gotten away with crimes of bribery, extortion fixes and worse--up to now-----but we think these crooks and troublemakers’ days of collusion, fixes and bribery are drawing to closure--stay tuned

Scams Inc. received a letter from Jim Couri who is in hospital thanking us for our diligent reporting regarding the corruption, lies and frauds engaged in by Judge Wooten, Joe Burke and others-----
Jim reports that he has and is filing formal charges with the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the NY State Department of Investigation and the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and with the FBI-Department of Justice---

Wooten has engaged in interstate frauds, lies deception, collusion and violations of court rules----

He has tampered with court records, official transcripts, intimidated court clerks illegally restored case 107240/04 that was dismissed per uniform rule 202.21 and CPLR 3404-------

Wooten has harassed, bullied, violated Jim’s medical orders and colluded with Burke----ex parte---admitted-to by Burke---

We received a copy of the complaint Jim filed with the commission on judicial conduct which we have authority to post here for all to see--

The corruption and collusion of Judge Paul Wooten--------the letter of 4 pages posted on Sept 27, 2011 ----------read it carefully---


Jim Couri Letter to Commission on Judicial Conduct

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