Kenneth Gomez, Esq a 'peep-show' expert calls himself 'trial council to George Pavia' - in fact, Gomez was and is Pavia's 'bag-man' and a corrupt swindler

Gomez was no trial council - he acted a part in a 'set-up' and kangaroo-trial that was fixed via corruption and bribery by George Pavia. Gomez is a inept swindler and incompetent., who will do and say anything for a few bucks - you see, Gomez is a gambler and thus always broke. He loves the horses but cant pick a winner as he is sadly a block-head.

Gomez apparently likes 'fast-women, peep-shows' and 'slow-horses'. This sickness keeps 'Ken-boy' broke, desperate and a willing pimp for criminals Siebert and Pavia, so Gomez sucks-up to and does the 'dirty-work' for Pavia and Siebert and does their extorting and harassing for a illegal 'pay-day.

Gomez has engaged himself in bribery, perjury, medicare fraud, harassment,corruption, filing phony claims. He has defaulted on claims Jim filed in NY courts, seeking injunction and damages, but no matter for Gomez, as he has nothing to lose - he's broke and will now do anything to cover up his own and Pavia's and Siebert's crimes, sex rapes, tax evasion and threats.

Gomez spends most of his days extorting, going to 'peep-shows' or betting on loosing horses - a pathetic desperado. See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 rewards.

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