Kenneth Gomez Esq and George Pavia Esq violate New York State criminal procedure law - in particular 'CPL 160.50 - sealing' and violate disciplinary rules to facilitate extortion

George Pavia, Esq.
Pavia in 2002 filed a frivolous charge against Jim Couri---after the district attorney assigned focused on the bogus charges and learned that George Pavia had his own agenda, the charges were dismissed by the DA on his own motion on April 20, 2004 and the file sealed pursuant to section 160.50 of the CPL. the law states that upon such termination the 'arrest' and any prosecution shall be deemed a nullity.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.
No person shall be required to divulge or divulge any information pertaining to the arrest/issue/or prosecution. in willful violation of the law and in violation of the professional disciplinary rules, Gomez and Pavia with intent to extort and injure Jim Couri and Scamraiders published and continue to publish on Gomez blog, false and precluded data regarding this sealed and dismissed case. these acts are illegal, violate the ethical mandates of attorneys, are actionable, and can lead to suspension, fines and disbarment of Pavia and Gomez. the Gomez blogs are now being scrutinized as they are illegal and have no legitimate purpose except to harass, extort and injure Jim and Scamraiders and these Gomez ranting- blogs are replete with lies and fraud.

See redacted Certificate of Disposition – marked “sealed” - below

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