Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. continues his extortion, harassment and internet abuses

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq., a documented thug, pimp, a sex and narcotics abuser, money-launderer, perjurer, and extortionist - all undenied by Mr. Gomez - continues his extortion, harassment and internet abuses fronting for disgraced sex offender and thief Dr. John Siebert, mob front George Pavia, Esq. and corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke

Scamraiders has endured the extortion and reckless meddling engaged in by front Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.-

Jim Couri has been compelled to enter hospital in Los Angeles California using assumed names solely because of the documented threats of physical violence, murder and extortion engaged in by George Pavia, Kenneth v Gomez, John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke.

Kenneth v Gomez, Esq. (Gomez), has harassed our Scamraiders news organization, our staff and has repeatedly emailed and called, harassed and extorted our affiliates, staff and vendors and filed phony and fraudulent claims against us and against Jim in a scheme to malign and discredit both Jim and Scamraiders pristine reputation, and try and destroy the freedom of press and speech we in America hold so dearly.

Gomez wants to desperately do anything to cover-up his, Siebert, Pavia, Burke and others crimes, thefts, bribery and extortion. Gomez is himself a thief, thug and a money-launderer-----all undenied.

Gomez has also harassed and interfered into Jim Couri’s doctors, hospitals, family and associates. Gomez has threatened Jim, abused his hospitals, called and emailed many of Scamraiders advertisers, Google, Bing, yahoo and the press and has published forged, fake and scandalous documents and content in a scheme to damage Scamraiders, our truthful and documented exposes uncovering Gomez, Pavia, Siebert, Burke's corruption, bribery, threats and collusion.

Gomez has interfered into Jim’s family members, visited and extorted them, and fabricated ancient history to try and discredit Jim as a rouse to whitewash the larceny, bribery schemes, tax evasion and mafia affiliations of George and Antonia Pavia.

George Pavia is a mentally deranged thief all confirmed by the Pavia’s mental doctor Arnold Hutchneicker and all undenied by Pavia’s and Gomez.

Meanwhile Mr. Gomez has sexually extorted Ms. Rachel, engaged in lewd and lascivious conduct, and according to Ms. Rachel Gomez used drugs and masturbated in her presence.

Rachel refers to Kenneth V. Gomez as an 'asshole' and a 'thug' in a letter she delivered to Scamraiders after Gomez extorted her and then wanted sex and engaged in unsolicited sex acts in the presence of Ms. Rachel and her 'room-mates'.

Gomez has lied and engaged in covering up his money laundering scheme, abused Siebert's victims who have come forward and exposed Siebert's sex abuses, and narcotics abuses. Gomez has been recruited by Pavia to threaten and extort and discredit Scamraiders and Jim who resigned almost 2 years ago and who is terminally ill. Gomez is a thug, a liar and who has been warned by Google and others to cease his internet extortion and misuse of YouTube with bogus fabricated content.

Gomez Burke and Siebert have run internet ads falsely claiming Siebert's affiliation with hospitals that never heard of Siebert and Gomez fronting for these thieves has bribed as the bag-man judges, referees and others in the NY Unified Courts and Gomez has robbed Medicare liened funds fronting for fascist Pavia, sex vulture Siebert and Joseph M. Burke.

Because of Gomez threats Jim has been forced to enter hospitals under assumed names because of the Pavia threats of murder and physical harm and the continuation of threats by Gomez over the internet, phones and in person by his extorting Siebert's victims Ms. Rachel, and others and Jim Couri-----and Scamraiders.

Their scheme is to deprive Scamraiders investigations and reporting into the undenied corruption, bribery, extortion, tax evasion and other crimes engaged in by Pavia, Siebert, Burke and others.

Stay tuned

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