Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. needs a new script

His scams are exposed his extortion acts exposed, his sex perversions denuded, his perjury confirmed, his bag-man acts for George and Antonia Pavia exposed, his threats, shakedown acts and corruption revealed and his two bosses – disgraced Dr. John Siebert (a now proven sex pervert and rapist, thief and healthcare thief has resulted in Siebert being fired from four hospitals and evicted from four medical offices in NYC) further Gomez’s sponsor in his corruption and crimes, mob front George Pavia, has been exposed as a briber, tax cheat, a fascist, and a corruptor of courts.

Gomez yet continues his con games, threats, meddling and extortion, trying to whitewash the tar-pit he and his mentors George and gun-mal Antonia Pavia and narco-sex vulture John Siebert, are wallowing in.

Kenneth V. Gomez’s pimping days are numbered and his extorting by email, on the internet and by visiting some of Siebert's victims are over, as everyone knows and will know that Gomez, Joseph M. Burke, Siebert and Pavia have engaged in corrupting courts in NYC, perjury, bribery, tax evasion and extortion.

The evidence is clear and convincing, much posted on our sites or in federal and state court documents—Mr. Gomez, we think you should obtain a real job and find a good lawyer -- you will need one.

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