Kenneth V. Gomez. Esq. -- you are a proven phony

Kenneth V. Gomez. Esq. -- you are a proven phony, a perjurer, a sex abuser and a bag-man. We ask again--'what is false' that has been reported in the federal court in the Eastern District, outlining the dastardly acts of Dr. John Siebert and his narcotics abuses and manipulations of a sick patient, Diane Kleiman, as reported on Scamraiders or about you and your co-conspirators? All documented with proofs naming Gomez, George Pavia, Esq, Dr. John Siebert, Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and Antonia Pavia.

Scamraiders repeats that all of these persons are perjurers, thieves, thugs, tamperers of courts, tax evaders, Medicare and healthcare insurance thieves and rampant sex offenders. Mr. Gomez has pimped, lied and bribed and extorted many. Scamraiders is anxious for Gomez’s proofs refuting the evidence Scamraiders has posted, confirming these persons thefts and crimes.

Mr. Gomez, put-up or shut-up, as you are a pimp and a menace to honest reporting and you are a documented sex offender and shake-down thug, as reported by Ms. Rachel and her friends, who refer to you as an 'ass-hole' who engaged in explicit sex acts in public.

Does Gomez deny these specific charges witnessed by many? Surely not!!!

Stay tuned to Scamraiders for more exposes on these thieves---

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