Kenneth V. Gomez gets smoked by Rachel and by 'Smokin-Hot Waitresses' in his extortion-intimidation scheme and his sex-capades at the 'Smokin-Bedroom'

Pimp-thug-extortionist Gomez, tagged by Siebert's sex-kitten Rachel as an extortionist. We have posted Rachel's letter. Scamraiders has now learned that Gomez also has exhibited his attempted bribery to try and gag Rachel and her pals to 'shut-up' about their first-hand knowledge of Siebert's demented sex habits and pedophilia. It seem that Gomez wanted a little sex himself, but Mr. Gomez was unable to 'perform' other than (according to Scamraiders sources and Rachel's letter) 'pocket-pool'. The girls watched 'in awe' while Mr. Gomez was 'playing'. But is Mr. Gomez a 'closet voyeur'? Gomez witnesses also reveal that Gomez appears to welcome Dr. John W. Siebert's pedophilia. What the heck, for Gomez it all comes down to cash money, for cash, well, pimp Gomez will and has done and said anything including, harassment, extortion, perjury thefts and worse.

Gomez, what did you do at Smokin-Hot-Waitresses after you tried to bribe and extort the girls? Are you a pimp or a lawyer or both? Rachel has much more to say, as do other Siebert victims, so stay tuned to Scamraiders.

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