Kenneth V. Gomez, Scamraiders demands that you cease and desist your extortion calls, emails, harassment and threats

Kenneth V. Gomez, peahen front for highwaymen Siebert, Pavia and Burke, has interfered into Scamraiders business relations and engaged in obstruction of justice, collusion, corruption and rampant deception, meddling fraud on the internet proffering undocumented and baseless attacks towards Scamraiders and Jim Couri, who is ill. And by harassing slanderous and extortive emails to third parties. Gomez has violated a injunction that he and his co-conspirators and law office are bound by and Gomez and his thug partners have violated federal and state laws by extorting witnesses, hospitals and others over interstate instrumentality and in person . Gomez and company's acts have been willful and done to impede free speech, free press and to cover up the undenied and well documented criminal acts engaged in by Gomez and his 'gang' and as reported and documented on Scamraiders.

See Ms Rachel's report on Scamraiders as another victim of Siebert and Gomez as to Gomez/Siebert extortion, threats abuses and harassment of Ms Rachel by phone and in person. And see Diane Kleiman affidavits and other proof of Gomez's corruption, Medicare fraud and extortion outlined in Scamraiders articles and exhibits to them, etc.

Mr. Gomez, you and your thug associates are not above the laws of America.

Stay tuned to Scamraiders for more revelations on these scalliwags.

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