Liberty Mutual Insurance - a cesspool of deceptive policies, consumer fraud, actionable conduct?

Scams Inc and Scamraiders after being contacted by consumers with proof of deception, lies, deception, cover-up by Liberty Mutual (and their umbrella of shell-game companies) of their insured's frauds lies and deception over interstate phone lines in a rouse to avoid liability in personal injury claims. Liberty mutual and joint tort feasors including big deal Fed Ex appear to have conspired to rob consumers by securing releases by fraud, deception and without consideration in a conspiracy. The consumers we have interviewed were without lawyers and were ill and on pain drugs and medication and plain and simple ganged up by fed ex their risk management front, Gallagher Basset, and by the slickster claims management of Liberty Mutual , Safeco, Golden Eagle and the insured.---

Scams Inc/Scamraiders has proof of the insured's repeated attempt to cover-up prior knowledge of unsafe and unfit conditions and we have evidence that the insured has at best a unsavory background and reported unsavory 'connections'. The insured's conduct of interstate fraud and cover-up and curious background as to finances, source of funds seems to be a can of worms we intend opening and examining.---

Meanwhile Liberty Mutual is not new to fraud, corruption, deception and actionable conduct. In 'Hopkins vs Liberty Mutual 434 Mass 556,’ the court found that Liberty Mutual engaged in rampant fraud, deceptive policies in connection with defrauding claimants and consumers in personal injury claims, including deceptive settlement practices, fraud, finagling releases and worse---

In Hopkins vs Liberty Mutual, likewise Liberty Mutual engaged in actionable conduct and consumer fraud - and like the matters we are now investigating Liberty Mutual and their employees, adjusters and officers engaged in deceptive settlement practices, interstate fraud, securing illegal releases for themselves a corrupt insured and joint tort feasors without any consideration from victims of personal injuries who were self-represented and victims of interstate collusion, fraud and corruption in a scheme with insured, joint tort feasors to rob and deprive consumers of their rights and fair dealings------

This is systematic fraud by an insurer and their conspirator
Scams Inc/Scamraiders will expose all of these acts in weeks to come and will refer all of our assembled evidence and our findings to federal and state agencies and law enforcement-----------

There are dozens of other cases and thousands of charges against what seems to be an insurer riddled with fraud and corruption willing to aid in their insured's criminality of interstate fraud and aid joint tort feasors in robbing claimants of personal injury of releases without consideration and in concert with fed-ex and others implementing interstate fraud deception and collusion.

Scams Inc/Scamraiders has launched an investigation into the corrupt activities of Liberty Mutual some of their insured, and their criminal acts and violations of federal statutes to defraud claimants and consumers by intentional frauds by phone, fax, email and us mail all federal crimes.

In the cases we are investigating Liberty Mutual in concert with Fed Ex by collusion, fraud, deception and corruption obtained unjust enrichments by fraud and without consideration a release from unsuspecting consumers.

Liberty Mutual also has violated the mandated of the California insurance department and their anti-fraud provisions as well as California state and federal codes, laws and statutes.

We will exhibit the Hopkins vs Liberty---the Knudson vs Liberty and the ‘Pissed Consumers’ blog on the home page on 6-23-11.

Scams Inc/Scamraiders will be reporting on the developing investigation into the corruption, collusion, fraud, deceptions and cover-up documented by us engaged in by liberty mutual its subs, its unsavory insured and by FedEx who has participated in these interstate frauds and obtained releases without consideration by interstate fraud conspiracy and collusion.

Stay tuned for this explosive and ongoing expose of giant companies engaged in deception, corruption and acts of screwing the consumer and personal injury victims for corrupt rewards-----stay tuned

Hopkins vs. Liberty Mutual

Knudesen vs. Liberty Mutual

Pissed Consumer

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