Liberty Mutual Insurance and its division, Safeco Insurance Cos, listed as 10 worst in US

. . . and Scamraiders has received many complaints that Liberty Mutual engages in dishonesty, fraud, trickery, abuse of claimants, lies, deception, harassment of claimants, interstate fraud and worse

Scamraiders has received and verified complaints and reports from members and users of some very glaring irregular acts by claims employees of Liberty Mutual.

Such acts include secretion of negligence of their insured, harassment, secreting proof of liability, threats, trickery, artifice, dishonesty, and deception.

We will be investigating all allegations involving Liberty Mutual, and, when verified, reporting them on our sites and to the proper regulatory agencies.

Meanwhile, please review two websites involving Liberty Mutual and Safeco, its division.

10 Worst Insurance Companies in America

Pissed Consumer

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